Sky Force 2014

Does anyone remember playing Sky Force on their old Symbian phones, when Nokia was the smartphone brand? It was really fun while it lasted – Sky Force was one of the more polished games in the Symbian S60V2 generation of smartphones, among others. Photo credit:, Thus it was a pleasant surprise when I discovered Sky […]

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Brunch Market @ Gillman Barracks

This post is meant for residents in Singapore. Part of the reason for South East Asian cities’ appeal as a tourist destination, at least for me, is the variety of food and shopping markets available – cheap deals, affordable quality clothing, what more can you ask for? I’ve been to the Chatuchak and Siam Market […]

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Google is a fun dictionary

I was reading Bleach the other day (the quality of the manga is going downhill by the week – the dour atmosphere takes away the fun from the storyline) and I looked up the abilities of the quincies in the latest arc, and noticed that the signature skills were described an an epithet. Now I […]

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