Up till now, the three hip hop choreographers I’ve learned from are all fantastic. However, I’ve noticed a common problem among them – they do not explicitly count the beat. And even when they try to, sometimes they are not too precise – getting the lyrics’ timing wrong and such.

I don’t know whether it’s supposed to be a common problem among most hip hop choreographers; I would understand if getting the feel instead of the timing is more important, but to me I think it is best to perfect the choreography technically first before going deeper into the emotions and such. And am I in a position to judge the timing? The choreography is not done by me, and I probably might be wrong – but sometimes I just get very frustrated over things that are not defined precisely.

And if I go into choreographing, would this happen to me too?


One of the days

where I just can’t seem to focus on my studies. Maybe it’s because I’ve been programming nonstop from 1pm to 6.30pm, which completely mindfucked me. I’m just staring into the OS textbook and tutorials, puzzled and confused as to how to approach every single question, not to mentioned the database tutorial that I have not even looked at and due in eight and a half hours.

Sometimes you really want to study, but you just aren’t in the right state of mind to do so.

Maybe I should sleep, but I’m really scared of not being able to catch up and ending up getting the same results like last semester. I think I’ll wake up tomorrow to study, since I really am not in the mood to do anything right now..


During a cappella practice, certain people were in a bad mood, and decided to display it to other people. They chose to treat everything with that fucking retarded ‘I’m not in a good mood you better don’t say anything funny’ face.

How do they improve like that?

What is the point of a practice? It is to improve ourselves, to try to make ourselves better. I would understand if you think you’re very good yourself, but when it comes to the group, as evident when I’ve heard the sound in the practice, it wasn’t good enough.

And giving me that face is not going to solve that; if you don’t even give people a chance to criticize you, or rather, don’t even give yourself a chance to improve, you will not go anywhere.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? It’s not the first time it’s happening.

Wilfred’s dance is awesome. AWESOME. No other word describes it.. : )

I can’t help feeling down, because of some things. But I guess it’s life, if it’s not meant to be, you just have to carry on. Plus there’s so many things that I’m currently doing, I guess my life’s fulfilling enough to leave out some things to be desired. Emotions man.

‘Smile more, so that you can forget all the sadness.’


Chasing girls is so funny. You need to show your care in the most subtle way; in other words, you must show that you don’t care when you care. You must show that everything you do is just a ‘coincidence’.