My visit to Dermatology and Surgery Clinic


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So I finally couldn’t stand my eczema outbreak (been a few weeks!) and decided to try to solve this issue for good.

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My skin is itchy until nobody’s business ah, but I told myself I must get this post down today.

1. Finished the Chinese book Cafe Waiting Love 《等一个人咖啡》today. Really awed and inspired by A-Tuo in the book, and I told myself to live every moment, be inquisitive, and appreciate every friend around you.

2. Went for bowling today for company event. Despite scoring zeros consecutively for half the first game, I told myself A-Tuo would try his best to learn how to bowl properly to help the team (and it’s a fun sport to learn anyway). Studied how others play and I’m happy to be getting some Scores after that 🙂 at least didn’t let the team down!

3. Only had an hour of sashimi buffet but still enjoyed the food nonetheless 🙂

4. Went for alumni prac and we had a 4 minute jamming session before Claudine called us in for blocking lol. But in that short 4 minutes I discovered that just being around friends and doing stupid things together can be blissfully quaint as well 🙂 hopefully can get more time to properly interact with the rest of the alumnus. And talk to peopleeeee ☺

5. Had a short catch up with Joey over the train, and really happy to see that she’s doing well. Ah the sad thoughts of us working people, haha. Looking forward to lunching if there’s a chance!

(Normally I wouldn’t try to carry through a conversation especially when I’m tired, but A-Tuo kept me going today.)


Now I just hope I can catch the movie adaptation of the book before it goes down :(( okay time to sleep!!


So it’s two and a half months in working at Garena, and I must say I learnt a lot about the required technologies etc. But amidst the knowledge and experience, something I still am very frustrated with myself is my carelessness in committing (bad) code that I think constitutes a minor change.

My supervisor told me that I need to “think of how every single line of code inserted affects the workings of the program”. This is really very true, and I need to start reminding myself everyday on this. It’s time to put in more effort into *thinking* instead of actually writing code. It’s a bad habit of mine, but I know I need to kick it to become a better programmer.

I suppose work can be kind of scary when you really have no idea whether the work that you’ve done is correct or not – something that especially affects me as I tend to look for validation to keep my mind safe. Still trying to get used to it man, come on xy, you can do this.