Risey of the Clansy

Orientation was fun and tiring.. Being an OGL sure isn’t an easy thing, you can’t pon anything you like just because you feel like, you gotta be responsible to the OG and be always there on time.

I slept on Thursday morning at 6.30am to 8am, one and a half hours (record-breaking), and I was lucky that I could continue the day without feeling too tired. 🙂

Sheam is like, the best OG ever. We really have diverse people.

And I’m too lazy to blog anymore. lol


No time to update!

Not that I don’t want to!

Wed to Fri was a frenzy of rag dance practices – my legs are really aching right now from extreme jumping (or whatever technical term it is called). No choice I guess, it’s 2 weeks to Rag Day, and we want to present ourselves and Eusoff Hall to its greatest. 🙂

Tiring though.

Friday was Matric Fair, and honestly I fail; I need to get a cappella things settled down by Sunday.

Hiatus yet again

For once I’m finally using my VAIO P to good use – updating my blog (tick) while downstairs watching TV (tick) through WiFi (tick).

Anyway, we had another piecing last Friday, and all I can say is that it was so exhaustive. I began doing wrong steps about three quarter through the practice, and just couldn’t concentrate. I guess it’s a bad idea to go shopping with friends on the day where you’ll have 6 hours of dance practice, huh?

Went to my twin friends’ house for Sat + Sun, and we went to watch Eclipse.

That’s the book cover instead of the movie poster – I think

Let me make two confessions:

1. I did not watch Twilight and New Moon, nor read their books.
2. Eclipse was a nice movie.

Now you might say I’m mad! But seriously, I thought that the plot was pretty interesting. I liked the whole idea of the vampire thing, and how Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf have funny conversations about Bella and their love towards her.

(I can’t find a topless picture of Jacob, but he has a nice body. I’m not gay!)

One thing I didn’t like is how this innocent girl that did not wish for her life to be one as a vampire was killed.

Too lazy to find the actual picture, but she’s cute

Wanted to watch Despicable Me, but sadly the tickets were bad (first row I think).

And now at home.. The twins came to our house for a short stay, and we enjoyed good food cooked by my Mum. Bak Kut Teh, Waffles, Nasi Lemak, lalala.. It was heavenly I must say 😀

The only bad thing is that I have to go back to reality tomorrow when I go back to Singapore. 😦


Uh, not this one

It’s been super long since I last met up with my Computing OG, and it certainly was fun; meeting all my long lost (thanks, hall) friends and chitchatting about anything. We went to Settlers’ Cafe for board games and all the completely mindless and brainless games (as our OG has requested) were totally LOL. We played Ugly Doll, Jungle (something) and the Topple thingy hahaha I seriously can’t remember the names.

Really hope I can meet you guys again Superman. 😀

The Big Groove 2010

Just now (technically yesterday.. whatever) I went for this dance event: The Big Groove 2010.

I swear I will go for the same event next year

This concert is AMAZING. There are various crews from multiple countries that participates in this ‘Asia’s Dance Festival’, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and the USA!

I was completely amazed by the quality of dances from the various countries, especially Japan (Wrecking Crew Orchestra) and the USA (Quest Crew). The dance talents present in these crews are seriously fantastic – it’s as if their body parts are disconnected from each other and can move freely o.o I was very impressed by the Wrecking Crew after I watched their performance, and completely surprised at how the Quest Crew brought the performance stage to a whole new level.

Quest Crew from USA – 3 of them were contestants of the America’s Best Dance Crew

Our Singaporean crews did us proud too – IYHAYKJCTB (short form for, urm, If You’re Happy and You Know Joyce, Clap the Boys), Styles and Beyond, and the O Crew all had fantastic dances.

And my idols of locking, Hilty & Bosch, was the 2nd performance, and man did they rock the stage! It is the chance of a lifetime to see them live!

Hilty & Bosch

The concert is just FANTASTIC I swear I would go for next year’s Big Groove!!!

Haven’t been here for some time eh?

Been rather busy recently, there’s website management and rag dance which tires me out as much as I could manage. Not to say my injury from last Sunday’s cheerleading practice hasn’t fully recovered – I still could only use that much strength before the same muscles overstretches to hell pain.

The composed song will be up on Facebook when uploading is complete, so do check out my video. 😀

I finally moved my Stepmania installation from my old hard disk into my new computer.


It’s a fun rhythm game honestly, those who say this game is for nerds can go shut up and try it. I haven’t been playing it for ages though, and I’m waiting for the new songs (which should be out in arcades by today and subsequently transcribed to Stepmania files), to add some fresh air to my gameplay. 🙂

The song “A” – one of my favourites

Stepmania is a simulation of Dance Dance Revolution the arcade game. Basically you press the corresponding arrow keys when they match the sensor at the top (in the arcade, you step on the arrow buttons on the ground using your legs). It might seem easy, but when you play faster songs with weird beats, it’s gonna get a lot harder than it seems.

Fascination MAXX Doubles heavy difficulty – A boss song on one of the newest versions of Dance Dance Revolution

This song features insane 1/8 beats on 400 beats per minute, slowdowns, gallops, 1/4 jumps, whatever you name it, it’s there. It might look retarded – but this guy’s got good rhythm.

And I realised my youtube embed failed the last time round, so here’s BoA’s Energetic.