Risey of the Clansy

Orientation was fun and tiring.. Being an OGL sure isn’t an easy thing, you can’t pon anything you like just because you feel like, you gotta be responsible to the OG and be always there on time. I slept on Thursday morning at 6.30am to 8am, one and a half hours (record-breaking), and I was […]

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No time to update!

Not that I don’t want to! Wed to Fri was a frenzy of rag dance practices – my legs are really aching right now from extreme jumping (or whatever technical term it is called). No choice I guess, it’s 2 weeks to Rag Day, and we want to present ourselves and Eusoff Hall to its […]

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Hiatus yet again

For once I’m finally using my VAIO P to good use – updating my blog (tick) while downstairs watching TV (tick) through WiFi (tick). Anyway, we had another piecing last Friday, and all I can say is that it was so exhaustive. I began doing wrong steps about three quarter through the practice, and just […]

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Uh, not this one It’s been super long since I last met up with my Computing OG, and it certainly was fun; meeting all my long lost (thanks, hall) friends and chitchatting about anything. We went to Settlers’ Cafe for board games and all the completely mindless and brainless games (as our OG has requested) […]

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The Big Groove 2010

Just now (technically yesterday.. whatever) I went for this dance event: The Big Groove 2010. I swear I will go for the same event next year This concert is AMAZING. There are various crews from multiple countries that participates in this ‘Asia’s Dance Festival’, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and the USA! I was […]

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