NUSMods: A Timetable Builder for NUS Undergraduates

If you’re an NUS student, you should check out


It’s a replacement timetable builder for NUS undergraduates. I won’t say much, but I’ll list down a few reasons why it’s good:

1. No need to install.

No offense here (Unofficial NUS Timetable Builder), but the removal of installation requirements made NUSMods easier to access, and on every computer.

2. Save your timetable through a bookmark

(I’m pretty happy about this because I first suggested the feature :P)

Generate short links like this: and share timetables with your friends, or bookmark it so you can view it on all your devices with bookmarks synced. (I view it on my phone on a regular basis)

3. Fast and colorful.

Try it.

Of course, it does have its disadvantages (such as the inability to scale well when you resize the browser window), but it’s definitely the timetable app I’ll use for now.


Corrupted Chinese Fonts in Windows 8

I’ve been really, really annoyed by Windows 8 recently (I get a BSOD 80% of the time when I boot, but I don’t have the time to reinstall yet), and one of the issues is the really weird Chinese font support. In Windows 7, a quick and reliable fix to displaying Chinese characters in Explorer and applications is to change the system locale for non-Unicode programmes to Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), through the Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel. While this worked on the first reboot in Windows 8, it stopped working after subsequent reboots – all my Chinese-named files are showing up as blocks.

Been searching on the internet and I finally found a solution – though it seemed kind of hacky.

From what I understand, somehow the font files don’t get loaded correctly on startup in Windows 8 and that caused the corrupted square blocks characters instead of the normal Chinese characters to show up. We want to cache the font, and it seems that placing a file with a Chinese name on the Desktop will make the characters show correctly on reboot. It can be a text file e.g. 华语.txt or even a rename of the Recycle Bin (to contain Chinese characters).

I’ve read that it works with Japanese characters too, so give it a try!

My 2012.


Eusoff Hall Dance Production 2011/2012 – Till Death Do Us Part


Due to my busy commitments, I decided to only join one dance this time, and man, it was tough! Fel’s dance was difficult for me on many counts – the technicalities in the choreography, lifts (I was never strong to begin with), emotions (I had to build myself up to the verge of crying), chemistry between me and my partner – thank you Khym! I’m really blessed to be partnered with you, you’re such an amazing dancer! I always thought I couldn’t match up to you but I definitely tried my best.


It was also the DP that my best friends Jason and Eunice were producers of. They were nothing short of incredible, I doubt I would be able to do such a big job like that! Really proud of you guys. 🙂


Finalists for SPARKS! Eusoff A Cappella really has come a long way. I loved every moment in our a cappella practices, and I wished we could’ve been better to clinch an award. But well, it was a good experience.

Chingay 2012


Another crazy experience this year! Choreographing Chingay proved to be a feat. Managing 150 dancers, teaching them choreography and blocking, together with all the administrative work is seriously no joke. I am thankful for everyone who decided to participate in Chingay, and special shoutouts to the non-Eusoff and non-Temasek students from all over NUS who joined! 🙂


It wouldn’t have been possible without the Chingay comm (Alston!!), and my two co-choreographers, Wilfred and Joy. Thank you Wilfred for going through fire and ice with me since Rag, and to Joy who agreed to suffer with us despite your busy schedule!

Amplitude 2012




Participated as a member of Eusoff Choir and Eusoff A Cappella. Singing with the the choir was definitely fun and there was even couple choreography! It was really a breathtaking experience under Eusoff A Cappella though – there was no Amplitude in 2011, and this year under the awesome guidance of Pamela we managed to send out 3 groups to perform. I’m really happy that Eusoff A Cappella has come such a long way. 🙂

Dance Uncensored 2012


As I was worried about my studies, I again only took part in the combined hall item (like last year). I have to say I really regretted it though, because I really wanted to represent Eusoff in Dance Uncensored. >< But but but! Combined Item was really awesome. The people in it, our dear choreographers Enid and Huichuan, every second spent, everything. It was a meaningful journey for all of us I’m sure! 🙂


I treasured every single piece of memory I’ve gained through this. :’)

Shut Up And Dance! 2012 – A Night of Glitz and Glamour


My first SUAD since becoming a member of NUS Dance Blast! I guess this was the period when I really took dance seriously, and I really learnt a lot from all the items I’m in. The experience is one that I just can’t describe. Every single Blast!ard put in their sweat and tears to practice hard, sacrificed their social lives, just for this single unforgettable night.


Thank you my choreographers – BFS, Jasper, and our resident choreographer Pat.


EH Musical

This was a small internal hall event, but it meant a lot to me – as it was the first a cappella performance that I did solo. It was definitely scary but fun! And I have so much to learn when it comes to singing solo as I don’t have a lot of experiences.

Proposal: Mereith | Nina


(Link to the proposal video!)

Congratulations to Mereith for getting engaged with Nina! I absolutely loved being part of this amazing project. 🙂

O School Recital 2012 – The Journey Within


Definitely the biggest concert I’ve ever done in my life! I was so happy when I passed the audition, because I really didn’t think I would – I only started going for O School classes in June! I was blessed to dance with #teamskinnyronnie – a really awesome and cheerful bunch of people.



And Ronnie! You don’t know how much respect I have for you man, you really taught me so much, not only in dancing but also in character. The experience was, oh my gawd, undescribable.

Blast! Camp 2012/13


Fun masterclasses, awesome OG. 🙂

Christmas Carolling @ Mandarin Oriental


4th year I’m doing this, and the same old fun always 🙂



Internship @ Canvass Research & Analytics

My very first internship, where I was required to develop an iPhone app (check it out here). My boss was really nice and so was my colleague – it really made my first internship (albeit a small one) memorable.

O School

I finally went for O School dance classes during the summer vacation, and I’m really glad I did! There’s so much to learn over there, so many amazing instructors and dancers, and it was what ultimately led me to join the O School Recital. I didn’t regret not going earlier though, as I wouldn’t have the necessary skills to learn from the fast-paced classes beforehand.

Eusoff Hall Dance Production 2012/2013

Hasn’t really happened yet (come support us @ 1st February, UCC Hall!), but I am co-choreographing one dance together with my buddies Jason and Yanxin, and dancing in another. It’s my first time choreographing for Eusoff DP and I’m excited and nervous about it! I’m really glad to have this opportunity to put our ideas into performing.




It’s awesome because it’s TH’s first dance production, and it’s headed by my two awesome TH dance friends, Joy and Sze Wan. 🙂

Recognize Recital Vol. 1


Lots of my Blast! friends in the recital! It was nice. 🙂



My first time, with RANXM 🙂

Happy New Year!

I wrote my post about my 2012 but I don’t have a good computer/internet connection to insert the appropriate photos yet! Loading a year’s worth of photos from Facebook proved to be too tough for my netbook/handphone to handle.

But, Happy 2013 to you! I’m sure this year will be even better than the last. 🙂

Anyway, I’m finally home for a _really_ long break of 10 days! Haven’t been home for such a long period of time, I’m enjoying this good and well-needed break, while missing out on all the dance practices in Singapore. :s sorry choreographers, I will catch up!

And this is my new workstation that I brought home! 🙂

I needed to replace my phone after my Xperia Play broke (will write a post on it soon!) and my work iPhone got stolen :cries:, and I managed to secure a really cheap deal for this awesome phone and pseudo laptop. :p Spent a total of S$110 on a 2nd hand Motorola Atrix + Lapdock! Although its an old model, it definitely has the powerful internals to blaze through what I needed it for – lagless web browsing and social networking. 🙂 and I managed to install a near-fully working version of CM10.1, thanks to epinter from xda-developers.

Been eating lots of good food over here in Malaysia, including awesome fish head curries, fried chicken etc. But most awesomely, I get to eat my mum’s fantastic cooking 🙂


That’s preserved egg porridge! Yay.

Gotta buck up and work doubly hard when I get back to Singapore!