Facebook/iPad Seminar

Yesterday’s seminar was a blast! I went with minimal expectations, only to be surprised by quite a lot of apps and their presentation. Of course, I’m required to comment on one app, but before that I just want to mention a few things that were interesting in the myriad of presentations. InClass I liked how […]

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Web Apps.

And so today we have exciting guys from Microsoft who brought us an introduction to HTML5 and the Windows Phone 7 platform. The first thing I immediately noticed when the HTML5 guy fired up his presentation, is that it is made entirely from HTML5 (the URL goes …page#1, page#2 or something like that), which he […]

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Hectic Days

The week has been a crazy one for me; I really did a lot of stuff. Picked up CodeIgniter We used CodeIgniter as our PHP framework for our standalone app. This is an entirely new experience for me as it’s probably my first foray into web programming (aside from the small small projects I did […]

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Software Engineering: Revisited

Well, sorta, since we (the CS3217 peeps) have already gone through this lecture the last semester. In fact, Dr Ben even asked us to sleep for parts of the lecture. But no sleeping, of course, since the environment is different in CS3216 and there are things to look out for. 🙂 Just a few quotes […]

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Poppin’ semester

Went for popping class (like finally) yesterday night. Signed up for the $130 8-week course, 1 hour each; it’s insane how much dance schools (and their instructors) earn! But I’m learning under Wei Jie, a superb popper and my friend, so it’s okay to let him earn my money 😀 Anyway, the first class consists […]

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The First Lecture

And the first day of school has just ended. As usual, I didn’t absorb much from my lectures, due to the painful 8am lecture time and the boring programming languages introduction. At least I rested enough for CS3216 lecture, which was more introductory and more on getting my mindset right on the course. a. Make […]

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What I hope to learn in CS3216

(shit, sorry for the typos confusing between the 2 mods. haha) Well so here it is; the semester is finally starting, rag has just ended (I was the performance co-choroegrapher) and one module which I’m both excited and nervous to take on is this one – CS3216. I still remember why I wanted to take […]

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