Hokkaido Travel: Chitose Off The Beaten Track Guide

My experiences travelling through the less touristy areas around Chitose.

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Coco (2017) Review

I had to write a review of this movie in the hopes of getting more people to watch it. Coco is a fantastic movie that combines the elements of fantasy, music and family values to bring the audience on a breathtaking journey through a positive framing into the land of the dead, and imparts the […]

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Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

With the unorthodox console launching in less than two weeks’ time, many console gaming outlets in Singapore have opened up pre-ordering for the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company’s new attempt to get back into the next-generation console market after the not-so-stellar performance of the Wii U. I was initially extremely excited about the revolutionary design […]

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I Miss Android

I miss being able to adjust the speed of the phone’s animations. The iPhone might present its interface in a fancy, elegant way, but after a week or so they often felt like intentional delays to hide the phone’s inability to keep up with my mind. I would like Android’s ability to adjust the animation […]

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