I’m scared about a cappella. Today’s practice wasn’t good, and I don’t know how to help my mates. I keep asking them to listen and drill with the nwc, when I know that it isn’t very fun and maybe some of them are not fast learners. But I really don’t know how to help them […]

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Shit happens ><

Today is really incoherent. Slept at 5 rushing assignment Woke up at 11 to continue assignment despite the 1000 don’t-wants to wake up Ate lunch at 1.40 Attended lecture from 2-4 Prof tells me physics is damn easy, I sigh Did nothing when I come back Went for dinner, food was lousy Came back and […]

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“I haven’t updated in a long time.” This is an excuse to get me out of my unfinished tutorials, song arrangements, transcribing to digital formats, and assignments so that I can relax and do something else. These few weeks, the only things I could remember are.. Problem Sets. CS3217 is proving to be one really […]

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