I’m scared about a cappella.

Today’s practice wasn’t good, and I don’t know how to help my mates. I keep asking them to listen and drill with the nwc, when I know that it isn’t very fun and maybe some of them are not fast learners. But I really don’t know how to help them during the practice; I always assumed that they can get it. Now I understand how it really is, and I am really in deep trouble.. And it’s not like I have all the time in the world to worry about this, I have tons of assignments and I haven’t started revising for next week’s mid semester tests.



Shit happens ><

Today is really incoherent.

Slept at 5 rushing assignment
Woke up at 11 to continue assignment despite the 1000 don’t-wants to wake up
Ate lunch at 1.40
Attended lecture from 2-4
Prof tells me physics is damn easy, I sigh
Did nothing when I come back
Went for dinner, food was lousy
Came back and listened to random songs on youtube
Went for dance, fucked up, damn tired
Rejected supper thinking there’s food from Chingay
There’s no food from Chingay
Slacking in room now, tired.

That being said, my brother’s lines to me keep coming back to haunt my mind – “If you didn’t sleep enough, and failed to dance well, you have failed as a dancer.” I really agree – sometimes I guess taking too many things (including academically) is bad for me to achieve stuff. I really didn’t do well at dance today, I know it, and I know that I have to buck up the next practice, ATTEMPT TO SLEEP MORE, and get damn well at the dance to apologize to myself. After all, all these screw up, no time to sleep, whatever are just excuses. It’s all in the mind.

jiayou xianyou.


“I haven’t updated in a long time.” This is an excuse to get me out of my unfinished tutorials, song arrangements, transcribing to digital formats, and assignments so that I can relax and do something else.

These few weeks, the only things I could remember are..

Problem Sets. CS3217 is proving to be one really tough module to handle – I spent every single weekend in the iMac programming lab in school, at ungodly hours like 4am, to attempt to code the assignment program. And this stretches across the whole Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend which should be spent relaxing and taking time off from school life. That’s not to say it’s all bad – I have to admit that I really learnt a lot from these problem sets, I started from totally not knowing how to code Objective-C to a level which I think is not too bad.

Chingay. It is an experience like no other.

It is different from the dance performances, such as DP, that I’ve attended; in Chingay, you dance, you enjoy it, and you know that the audience are enjoying it too. Seeing them smile at such a close distance really makes you want to bring out even more to bring them joy. 🙂

In Chingay, it’s not about how well you dance, it’s about how well you blast your ray of happy energy 360 degrees to everyone around you.

Chinese New Year. This year’s scene at my grandma’s house was rather quiet, because of some incidents that happened within the family. Nevertheless, it was a good break off the busy schedule of studying and more studying, and I got to really sit down and play my iPad games. XD

Tomorrow is Valentines’ Day, and while I do not have a valentine, I do wish all my friends who are attached a very happy Valenties’ Day because they deserve all the love they can get from their partners. Singles need not fear, because love will find you soon 🙂