I’m Busy


Actually, I guess I’m not, or else I wouldn’t be blogging here.

Checklist, to be completed in the following week:

  • Practice every night for the upcoming Dancetitude 2013 dance concert, on Friday and Saturday (catch the show HERE, it’s a really good concert that you won’t want to miss!)
  • Catch up on my contract work, which I’ve been abandoning due to me going home
  • Continue on my FYP, for the same reason above; and this one has a tighter deadline as the presentation’s next Tuesday. Oh gosh
  • Go for lessons. Yes, school is starting again 😦
  • Prepare for my job interview next week. The horror.

Need to find the drive to blaze through these tasks, before my days get lesser and lesser 😦



Zopo C2 Ultimate


Finally a new phone! I took a risk and opted for a China-branded phone. But do not simply brush off this phone as another one of the China phone replicas – for the Zopo C2 Ultimate has specifications that rivals the best of the handsets today. I purchased it for RM1099 – that’s about S$400+, half the price of an off-contract S4!


I purchased the ‘Ultimate’ variant of the phone, which houses a 1.5GHz MediaTek MT6589T quad-core processor. The cores are of the Cortex-A7 variant, which is basically the 4 power-saving cores in the Galaxy S4’s Exynos Octa processor. Not bad, I’m at least half the S4. LOL! The C2 Ultimate also comes with 2GB of RAM (the differentiating factor compared to other China branded smartphones, which has mostly only 1GB), and 32GB of internal storage. Neat.


My dad purchased the phone over in Puchong, and the shop owner was kind enough to give him a flip cover. Not really my style to use flip covers, but it looks authentic (Zopo branded) and it looks nice. Other than that, the box contains the phone, two batteries (YAY!), instruction manuals, and a earpiece. The earpiece looks cheap and from the reviews I’ve read about online it didn’t really perform, so I won’t even bother trying it.



This thing is pretty. It actually kind of looks like an oversized iPhone without the home button, but I really don’t mind that. The metallic finish at the sides adds an extra premium flavour. Power button’s on the right side, in a good position for your thumb to press; volume buttons on the left side, 3.5mm jack on top and a lone MicroUSB port below. All in all, looks great.


I absolutely love the rubber black plating on the back; it’s bendable so you really don’t need to worry about excessive force breaking the cover’s attaching hooks. All in all, I feel that the C2 really redefines how gorgeous a China-branded smartphone can get (for such a price).



The screen is fantastic. I think the LCD was manufactured by Sharp, but colors are vibrant, brightness is amazing and text looks crystal clear without any hint of pixelation. I dare say that it probably looks as nice as the current top devices, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The responsiveness of the touchscreen, however, leaves something to be desired. It’s definitely not as responsive as normal phones I’ve used, not registering touches say 20% of the time, and having double taps when I tap once, once in a while. It’s getting irritating sometimes especially when you use the keyboard (two letters at once), but I’ve read that it’s a software problem. Hopefully the OTA updates will fix it soon. (Yes, there’s OTA!)

Normal use


The C2 blazes through whatever I throw to it – heck, even 1080p MKV videos! I was really surprised that the MT6589T processor could handle Full HD videos, and it definitely makes use of the beautiful screen. Otherwise, I installed my normal ‘social apps suite’ – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE etc, and they all work well with little to no delay when switching between apps.

My variant of Zopo C2 runs on ‘stock’ Android 4.2 (some variants runs the China Aliyun OS). ‘Stock’ because there’s little modifications here and there, such as the limited amount of Developer Options; I can’t turn on animations for some weird reason. Must be them trying to hide the low performance of the SGX544 graphics chip. Otherwise, everything is okay, ‘cept I wished that the phone came rooted as stock Android, well, is stock – little to no customizations.

I haven’t played any games as I’m not really a mobile gamer, so I’ll post back some results next time if I did install one.



The C2 houses a 13-megapixel shooter at the rear and a 5-megapixel (!!) shooter in front. I’m not very particular about image quality as I think most pictures look okay with Instagram filters nowadays (yes, I’m lazy), but the shots from the C2 look good enough for me. Shutter speed seems to be on the low side though, as I’ve been getting  blurry shots every now and then. The default camera app (non-stock) even features a face enhancement technology that makes your eyes bigger and complexion better – check out my brother’s face here, lol.


I was a little disappointed with the battery, as it didn’t seem to hold its own long enough even without a GSM/3G connection – on WiFi use I seem to run out of juice after about 8 hours of moderate use. Haven’t had the chance to test out 3G battery usage as I’m still in Malaysia so I’ll see about that!


All in all, I’m not complaining – RM1099 is a steal for a phone of this build quality. And I’m sure I can find more ways to customize it after I’ve rooted it, but not so fast as I’ll void my warranty for doing so. Of course, you will lose the tech support that you normally get when you buy phones that are popular, but if you’re adventurous, I think the Zopo C2 Ultimate is definitely a recommended buy.