Yet another reflection blog post

Half of my hell week’s over.. well not exactly half performance wise, since I still have 2 performances and a competition for the remaining days of the week.Its been a tiring ride this week. Aside from the normal Dance Production, a Cappella (which got cut down) and Chingay practices, we had various sound checks and […]

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There’s really no excuse for this, but I really overcommitted this semester. The colors of the blocks look like the ones from my Google Calendar, lol My brother said that I didn’t give myself breathing space to account for extra commitments, which was the case this semester, when Chingay popped out of nowhere. And now […]

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Awesome game. Nah, I’m not referring to that game, this is really the second burnout I’ve experienced since Assignment 1. And this time it’s not because of Assignment 2 (we’re way past that period yo!), but because of the NUS Dance Blast! concert that I participated in. I’m proud to say it was a successful […]

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A review on ‘me’

Having gone through two mini projects and a presentation in CS3216, I must say the people I meet in the module are all crazily good – be it designers, programmers or just people with cool ideas. I guess that’s the reason they passed the registration in the first place. 🙂 It’s nice to work with […]

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