Week One

Haven’t been updating much these few days, the first week of school has been.. enriching I guess? Really dreading modules that I’m reading this semester, especially the higher-level modules – CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition and CS5237 Computation Geometry and Applications. The concepts taught in these modules are really chim (slang for ‘hard to understand’) and […]

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Digimon Tamers

Again thanks to my good friend Wilfred, I rewatched Digimon Tamers. It was a series that I largely missed during my childhood; I remember that the show was aired on TV at 9am on Sunday mornings, and I had tuition at the same exact time, thus I only got to catch it when the tuition classes […]

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In my fourth year, I guess it’s a series of unfortunate events that ultimately led me to missing the grand performance tomorrow. Rag. A dance performance combined with a float built by sweat and blood (ok not so serious) over the short term of 3 months, showcasing the beauty of a parade vehicle constructed mostly […]

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home sweet home

Haven’t been updating the previous days because I’m currently relaxing in Malaysia, accompanying my parents. I haven’t been home for quite some time so it’s a good break for me! Went out to do some shopping these few days, and I realised that Malaysia fashion might just have some hope after all 😛 Malaysia’s clothing […]

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Windows 7 Customizations

Was trying to get dual-boot working on my VAIO P today (It was tough because I forgot I was supposed to install Windows 7 before OS X), and I realised that I’ve always been repeating the same small tweaks to my new installations of Windows 7 on my computers. Personally I like the tweaks as […]

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Total Recall

As part of our gay date special, me and buddy Jason decided to catch Total Recall yesterday. Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of audience even though it’s the 2nd day of showing – we managed to get pretty central seats! I thought the trailer looked pretty cool, and the concept of the movie is quite […]

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OSx86 on my VAIO P

With the extra time I had towards the end of my internship, I ventured into the world of OSx86 again and attempted another installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) on my little netbook. Even though I’ve tried to Mac-ify my VAIO P in the past, I felt the most satisfied this time as […]

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