Anyway, went out with school gang to eat ramen @ ku Ra, Plaza Singapura. And I must say I am very dissatisfied with the pricing there 😦

This is the shop – which sells ramen @ ~12 without the 10% + 7%.

For $3 of ‘extra noodles’ you get this – HOW IS THIS ENOUGH?

This is what I ordered – Red Choya Ramen Cha Su. Whatever that is, but it’s not too bad.

The egg’s the nicest in my bowl – the egg yok is somewhat half-cooked and it’s SUPER NICE 😀

I totalled up $18 for the meal. Not worth it ><

Anyway, I’m gonna SLACK TONIGHT. HEHE.


Frustration + Happiness

Frustration is,

When you are extremely hungry but your friends either don’t wanna have supper or thinks it’s too early,
When you start making 5 mistakes in the easiest question in Maths tutorial,
When you try to calm down only to realise that nothing is going into your brain,
When you try to be responsible but others do not weigh it the same you do.

Happiness is,

When your best friend asks you everyday whether your insomnia has gotten better,
When friends on Twitter cares about your sickness,
When your other best friend doesn’t mind going supper with you even though no one else wants to, at such an early hour,
When you smile to yourself thinking, “I have 2 best friends.. XD”

Sorry for feeling frustrated over the past 15 minutes. I’ll try to control myself next time.

With <3,

Stay strong

Haha, the image is certainly false. Nice laugh though.

Today’s exam was really bad, it was my favourite module and I realised I don’t know a lot of things even after I studied so much on it. Sigh. No choice, just gotta let it go and try to score better for the 2 other modules (which I am rather bad at, sigh).

Sometimes I do realise that I tend to look at my failures too much, I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing.

Examination attitude

Examination has finally started for me, the first paper was quite a bit harder than I expected it to be, I can’t be sure that all my answers are correct, with a few questions that I think I might have screwed up in.

I think there’s something wrong with my attitude towards examinations, especially this time round; it seems that I’m taking them too lightly, I need to settle down and make sure that I know everything before going into the examination hall.

I need to fight off the laziness in me..


But I failed to yesterday, and slept at 6am after a long struggle.

Seriously, this happening when I have a paper tomorrow at 9am? Totally not good. I think my biological clock is pretty much screwed.

Anyway, watched the American Music Awards 2010 performances by Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. (Watch them @ Youtube before they get taken down!) Taylor Swift really disappointed me, she went out of tune at the same place in every single chorus, like what? I’m sure she knows that she’s flat right? At least she played the piano by herself, not like..

Bieber! Apparently he played the piano at the start too, but the camera refuses to show us his hands playing the piano. Most probably it’s fake. LOL. He really tried though, his voice is obviously in the transition stage, and he tried to pull off his ballad. Just a bit puzzled at his stage presence.

One song for you guys:

Exams in two days’ time!

Well, technically one and a half.

And I haven’t started on the module which happens to have a paper on Tuesday, because I’ve been mugging the module whose exam is on Wednesday. >< Life sucks! Just one and a half weeks more, you’ve gotta endure Xian You!

Not like I haven’t been playing dota these few days.. -_-

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Watched this movie today (launch day!) together with my Eusoff friends. 🙂

Before reading the post, I’m a fan of the Harry Potter books, having read all 7 of them. This has (naturally) led me to be one of the haters of the movie adaptations of the series, due to their lacking of details that you oh-so-love in the books, and some changes in the story to suit a movie adaptation. Plus, the Deathly Hallows was the only book which I bought in the morning on the first day of its launch – thus I have vivid memories of the book and its contents.

This movie feels very much different from all the other movies in the series, for two reasons:

1. The movie is split into two parts.

See the ‘Part 1’ over there?

This is something that the producers should have totally done for the few movies before this – it certainly increases the amount of content that they could add to the movie adaptation (and hence not leave them out, to us book-lovers’ hate). Of course, it could be argued that a long movie leads to lesser interest, and it is only right to increase the length for the final movie; it’s true too.

But all in all, I love the idea of having two parts for the movie; it certainly allows a lot more room for the movie to grow strong, especially in the final book, where there’s a lot of content. Which leads me to my second point of why the movie’s different from the other titles of the series –

2. 0 scenes from Hogwarts

spoiler alert?

The book (and hence the movie) places more emphasis on Harry and his friends’ adventures outside campus, since they’re on the quest to.. no spoilers yeah 😀 This certainly brings change from the past movies in the series, and provides us with more dynamic in the variety of scenes filmed. I like that; something for a change.

Overall, the animations were good, natural and easy to the eyes (except some chasing scenes, I really can’t catch a thing), and I thought the movie is better than the older 6 titles. Well, maybe except for Goblet of Fire – can’t blame it for being a good book (Triwizard Tournament ftw!!).

And I must mention that the Harry-Hermione kissing scene was totally showy and unnecessary. I didn’t like it at all.. Haha.