EXAMS ARE OVER!!! Yay. Anyway, went out with school gang to eat ramen @ ku Ra, Plaza Singapura. And I must say I am very dissatisfied with the pricing there 😦 This is the shop – which sells ramen @ ~12 without the 10% + 7%. For $3 of ‘extra noodles’ you get this – […]

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Frustration + Happiness

Frustration is, When you are extremely hungry but your friends either don’t wanna have supper or thinks it’s too early, When you start making 5 mistakes in the easiest question in Maths tutorial, When you try to calm down only to realise that nothing is going into your brain, When you try to be responsible […]

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Stay strong

Haha, the image is certainly false. Nice laugh though. Today’s exam was really bad, it was my favourite module and I realised I don’t know a lot of things even after I studied so much on it. Sigh. No choice, just gotta let it go and try to score better for the 2 other modules […]

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Examination attitude

Examination has finally started for me, the first paper was quite a bit harder than I expected it to be, I can’t be sure that all my answers are correct, with a few questions that I think I might have screwed up in. I think there’s something wrong with my attitude towards examinations, especially this […]

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But I failed to yesterday, and slept at 6am after a long struggle. Seriously, this happening when I have a paper tomorrow at 9am? Totally not good. I think my biological clock is pretty much screwed. Anyway, watched the American Music Awards 2010 performances by Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. (Watch them @ Youtube before […]

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Exams in two days’ time!

Well, technically one and a half. And I haven’t started on the module which happens to have a paper on Tuesday, because I’ve been mugging the module whose exam is on Wednesday. >< Life sucks! Just one and a half weeks more, you’ve gotta endure Xian You! Not like I haven’t been playing dota these […]

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