Markdown has recently become the quintessential tool for writing, at least for me. I use it extensively at work, to highlight important points when doing code reviews, as well as to format documentations and wiki pages. During my personal time, I blog using Markdown as well – its fuss-free syntax has won me over from […]

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Bye Atom, back to Sublime

I’ve been using the wonderful Atom code editor for the past two weeks for my Python + Django adventures, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Its ease of use, beautiful package management and customizability are probably what won many fans over. However, recently after careful consideration I’ve decided to bid goodbye […]

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X-Men: Apocalypse

warning: spoilers ahead! After I left the theatre, the sense of satisfaction of watching an awesome movie didn’t hit me. I really love the movies in the Marvel Cinematic universe, and I believe the main reason is that as someone who have actively sourced for and viewed the TV series and movies, I have an […]

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I read self-improvement articles. Not a lot of them, but I do read from time to time. It’s not the most interesting thing to do (compared to the many addictive things you can do on your smartphone, like Candy Crush, Facebook.. too many that I can never finish naming), but I do it because I […]

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House Renting Essentials

The lease for the house rented by me and my housemates is ending next week, thus recently we’ve been busy going through potential flats to stay in for the next few years. As we are preparing to move into the place we settled on, many issues began to surface and plague us – from the […]

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