Mereith X Nina | The Wedding

Been really busy the past week preparing for my good friend Mereith’s wedding, which happened on Sunday. (I’ve mentioned him before in my 2012 post, and you can watch the proposal video, which I was a part of, here.) Although I’ve only known Mereith for less than 3 years, he’s definitely one of the most […]

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Android Phone Disassembly

I would say I’m someone who doesn’t take care of his belongings very well. With that and bad luck, my two most recent phones (Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Motorola Atrix) have suffered hardware issues, from a malfunctioning digitizer (the touch screen) on the Play to a cracked digitizer (I dropped it) on the Atrix. […]

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Four months of 2013: Technology

And so marks the start of the holidays, and the end of my fourth year in NUS (no, I’ve not graduated yet due to the requirements of my course). It has definitely been a tiring semester (due to the crazy things I did, as blogged previously), and I hope the three months break serves well […]

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