Dancing is difficult. In order to dance well and look together as a group (in preparation for a dance performance), one of the most dreaded word in dance goes by the phrase of “cleaning up”. This means that the choreographer essentially reteaches the steps, but goes through each dance step in excruciating detail such that […]

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The Dark Knight Rises

Expectations are bad. I had really, really high expectations for The Dark Knight Rises. I don’t think there are spoilers ahead.. Heh. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was good. It’s just that I didn’t think it was very Christopher Nolan-like; the impact of the movie on me wasn’t as strong (or how I like […]

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Xperia Play

Everytime I take out my phone, my friends would go, Aww man, why is your phone so thick! I will go, yeah it’s thick, but because it’s a gaming phone. *slides open the gamepad* My friends will now stare in awe. Holy crap! That’s freaking cool! Are those touchpads? Yeah, they are. Can I play some […]

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I was very privileged to be able to attend the Singapore premiere for Disney’s newest animation movie, Brave, thanks to my awesomely handsome friend Luke (do check out his handsome blog if you haven’t!). It’s my first time watching a movie premiere so I was excited as hell. Possible spoilers ahead! ———————————————————————— Brave is a […]

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Windows 8 Release Preview

So I finally had the chance to settle down and install Windows 8 Release Preview on my VAIO P (VGN-P15G). Installation was a breeze – I made the installer on a USB Stick and installed it under 30 minutes (fresh install) when I was having afternoon tea @ McDonald’s. Microsoft has really done a good […]

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Without Twitter

I think I’m really quite addicted to Twitter, haha. Not in the sense that I will keep wanting to read the Twitter wall, but at some random point in a day a sentence will pop out in my mind waiting for me to tweet it. Things like.. Where the hell is the bus, I’m late! […]

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Priorities, gone wrong again?

I really hate it when I have schedule clashes. It’s not even like I’m taking multiple activities and swarming myself with thing to do; you know it’s stupid when you try to arrange your gatherings around your dance practices, and then the dance practice have to have multiple changes in schedule that make you reschedule your gatherings. […]

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