I am a selfish bastard.

Many times I find myself not wanting to give, and then needing people to give me. Sometimes I seem disinterested about things, maybe because I’m tired, or because I was thinking about other things, which my mind deemed ‘more important’ at that point in time. Then I get sad and start blaming people when they […]

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Pitch Perfect

Didn’t have time to catch this till now! I guess the movie sort of delivered what was to be expected – songs were really awesome (I love A Cappella, and the arrangements were great!), we have funny personalities in the all-girl a cappella group that adds lots of humour, and the voila! happy ending that […]

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Bad Day

Yeah, here goes that generic title, but I guess the combination of losing my matric card and my phone kind of makes it a bad day. 1. Never trust public places. Wait, wasn’t that a given? I guess I didn’t really understand the importance of keeping my valuables safe, and left my phone for preys to steal […]

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