I wonder how people create music.

Does the tune come out from thin air? Or is it something that you accidentally dreamed of? How does music make sense to other people? What defines good music? Why do different people have different tastes?

Sometimes, it’s hard to make music when you want to, but the melody comes naturally to you when you don’t have the urge or need to create music.

How does the composers in record labels create music that easily? From inside sources I’ve heard that they even take current songs, ‘modify’ the tune, but copy the chord progressions and slap a new name on the ‘new’ song. How disastrous.

I remember that when reading an article on Taylor Swift, she once said that she writes music that’s close to her personal life; for example, Forever and Always was a song dedicated to her previous relationship with one of the Jonas Brothers (whom I detest.. lol).. Maybe it’s personal experience that will lead you to the way of making good music, as Taylor Swift has proven;

So what happens when you really have a need to create music? I think, don’t force yourself, just relax, take a deep breath, and think about the world around you. Maybe this way, the music will come (keyword:) naturally to you.

So now I’m gonna relax, take a deep breath, and look at what’s happening around me.

(Orientation groups at the basketball court preventing me from sleeping with their shoutings.)



Recently while managing the orientation website/forum with Ivan, I came into contact with jQuery again; the last time I used it was during the EusoffWorks IT Training last year.

I must say, jQuery is simply superb. It allows you to do so many things that would otherwise require hundreds of lines of code in javascript in like, one single command! This really saves a lot of time for programmers like us when creating websites.

Speaking about programming, I really need to pick up a lot of stuff.. ><

Anyway, I’m up to Chapter V in Transformers: War for Cybertron, and the boss of the stage – Omega Supreme – is incredibly hard to beat.

Look at the size of that giant Omega Supreme!

(This is not me playing – I can’t seem to take screenshots from the game, it appears as black. Oh well, 640×480 wouldn’t look nice anyway, and I don’t use Megatron because I don’t like him. XD)

I really recommend playing this game – I haven’t got a chance to try out the multiplayer features, but the campaign itself is rather interesting – definitely beating the previous Transformer titles.

A fine day

Today’s the start of the new week. Let’s see.. I’ve got to return Johnson the blazer that I borrowed from him since.. Dinner and Dance (woah), I keep forgetting to return it to him everytime I go to West Coast Plaza (which is where he lives).

Well technically yesterday’s the start of the week, but whatever.

So yesterday I went for this KBox session with my brother and his friends. It was truly fun! It’s been so long since I last went to KBox.

– My brother’s friends are good! They can really sing very well, it’s a pleasure listening to them sing.
– The rates are cheap. 8 dollars for 3 hours, 1 drink and tidbits. 8 dollars!
– The range of keys are wider, you could sing from -5 to +5 (compare with the other places, -4 to +4)
– The song selection system is touchscreen. Yeah! 😀

Look at that!

I really had a good time there, and at the end we were just totally shouting lah. Yay for nice evening 😀

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Just got this great game and played the first mission.

To my horror, my old 7600 GS GPU can’t even play it smoothly at 640×480 resolution, lowest settings. This is insane! Imagine its graphics requirement when the settings are high.

Other than that, the game is quite fun; the concept is similar to the Star Wars: Battlefront series, except you’re using the robots (obviously). I used Megatron in the first campaign, in the mission to obtain the Dark Energon, a source of great power. I had the ability to use a main weapon and a side weapon (which I could pick up and switch on the fly), and I can also transform into my vehicle at will. The game’s rather confusing at first because there’s a lot of things to learn in the tutorial, which the game advises you strongly to read.

One thing I don’t like is the fact that the Transformer you control is situated at the bottom-left corner, instead of at the middle like normal games:

The transformer at the bottom left is the position

This kinda makes the things at the bottom left more difficult to see. However, I thought that similar problems would probably occur even if they place the Transformer being controlled in the middle, so I don’t really have an idea of how to fix this problem. It’s possible that this problem is rectified in higher resolutions; after all I’m playing in 640×480 -.-

The game’s really fast-paced, and a little bit too bizarre (as in there are too many things on the screen at the same time), that’s their idea of a war I guess 😛 It might also be because of the unstable framerate I’m getting when playing it that caused me to have this impression.

Needs more playing to correctly review this.

Ultimate Solo Challenge: Mawile

So yesterday night I was extremely bored, and I decided to play a solo (speed) run through Pokemon Fire Red (I actually plan to play through all 4 generations).

Pokemon chosen: Mawile

I didn’t know Mawile’s such a cute Pokemon!! 😀

Gnawie! Level 88 Mawile
HP 216/Atk 199/Def 165/SpA 132/SpD 122/Spe 136
Rock Slide
Ice Beam

My final setup; I’m extremely surprised at my level, I’ve never reached this high before.

Anyway, I’ll be posting a few more games that I’ve been playing these few days to recommend you guys in the next few posts. 😉


Since I was too bored in Eusoff, yesterday I finally broke the inertia and searched for games to download to play

So, I found this great ***** thread of portable games consisting of some games that I either haven’t seen before, or have seen great reviews of it but didn’t bother to try. I downloaded a few games, and yesterday I tried (and.. finished) this really great game called Machinarium.

Looks weird, eh? I actually like the game a lot. Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure just like the usual games you’ll find online at Flash game websites (it’s actually made in Flash too!), and I think it’s a pretty successful implementation. Basically you control a robot that’s thrown out from a city (I think..). According to what I’ve seen, there’re some bullies in the city that everyone hates, and the protagonist’s girlfriend’s trapped somewhere inside too! So, being the mighty main character, you as the robot attempt to go into the city, help out others, rescue your girlfriend and punish those bullies.

I was immensely drawn towards the graphics on my playthrough of the game – it’s not like all the 3D stuff that the other games have been showing off (hey FPS), it’s just.. nice, I don’t know how to describe it. I finished 25% of the game myself then was too fed up and went to read walkthrough haha. It was really a great game though.

He’s shitting, when he really can’t shit anyway. =P

Great game, everyone try it! 🙂