I wonder how people create music. Does the tune come out from thin air? Or is it something that you accidentally dreamed of? How does music make sense to other people? What defines good music? Why do different people have different tastes? Sometimes, it’s hard to make music when you want to, but the melody […]

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Recently while managing the orientation website/forum with Ivan, I came into contact with jQuery again; the last time I used it was during the EusoffWorks IT Training last year. I must say, jQuery is simply superb. It allows you to do so many things that would otherwise require hundreds of lines of code in javascript […]

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A fine day

Today’s the start of the new week. Let’s see.. I’ve got to return Johnson the blazer that I borrowed from him since.. Dinner and Dance (woah), I keep forgetting to return it to him everytime I go to West Coast Plaza (which is where he lives). Well technically yesterday’s the start of the week, but […]

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Transformers: War for Cybertron

Just got this great game and played the first mission. To my horror, my old 7600 GS GPU can’t even play it smoothly at 640×480 resolution, lowest settings. This is insane! Imagine its graphics requirement when the settings are high. Other than that, the game is quite fun; the concept is similar to the Star […]

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Ultimate Solo Challenge: Mawile

So yesterday night I was extremely bored, and I decided to play a solo (speed) run through Pokemon Fire Red (I actually plan to play through all 4 generations). Pokemon chosen: Mawile I didn’t know Mawile’s such a cute Pokemon!! 😀 Gnawie! Level 88 Mawile Lonely/Intimidate HP 216/Atk 199/Def 165/SpA 132/SpD 122/Spe 136 Crunch Rock […]

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Since I was too bored in Eusoff, yesterday I finally broke the inertia and searched for games to download to play So, I found this great ***** thread of portable games consisting of some games that I either haven’t seen before, or have seen great reviews of it but didn’t bother to try. I downloaded […]

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