Game: Portal 2

Yes, I’ve been extremely disobedient and chose to play Portal 2 at such a crucial time with my exams and stuff; but you can’t stop me, because I’ve already finished the game! *giggles* Fans of the original Portal 1 (which I started and finished last week oops) will immediately familiarize yourself with the game, while […]

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After exams..

No, not yet, two more papers to go, but it’s always good to plan about all the happy things you want to do after exams right? After exams, I want to.. Send my semi-broken motherboard for RMA. Play Crysis 2. Make use of my Vaio P, which is left deserted after the iPad took its […]

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Sony Ericsson W8

Seriously, Sony Ericsson? Repackaging a phone released last September and re-releasing it as a new phone? Sony Ericsson W8 = X8 Are you really so lazy SE? I’m sure there are much more innovative things you can create on a Walkman phone, a branding that used to be so popular. But.. this? Sony Ericsson X8 […]

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Process versus Outcome

Damn, I shouldn’t be digressing from my study on Electromagnetic Waves, but.. The past week I’ve been reading Physics due to me taking PC1143 – Physics III, a module for physics majors. And the module is deadly difficult like nobody’s business; I mean, in a single Level 1000 module the amount of content you are […]

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My Next Phone

Yes, instead of studying for my final examinations (which I’m totally behind schedule), I’m here to talk about my next phone. So in Singapore, the impulse to purchase a new phone greatly intensifies especially when your phone contract (usually 2 years, 20 months for mine) ends, because you can now purchase a new phone at […]

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Dance Uncensored: Snapshots!

AND it’s one month after my previous blog post. Time flies. DU was fantastic. Although I was only in 1 item, I didn’t regret it; for missing the coziness of a Eusoff dance group from last year’s DU, what I got was REALLY COOL friends from the different halls. It’s really heartwarming to see dancers […]

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