Till Death Do Us Part

哭泣,是一种情绪的释放。 从来没有哭得这么用力过;我没有想到自己的情绪会这么激动,但是当幕布关上时,控制不了。 五个月的心思,不停的舞蹈训练,管理舞蹈者的务事,就只为了今晚,区区的两个小时,让我们在台上辉煌。 真希望今天可以久一点,让我再享受表演的滋味,谢幕的开心场景,那种知道你所有花费的力气,用心,睡眠(失去的),心思都没有白费。 还记得清清楚楚我在Wilfred的舞蹈之前准备时的慌张,缺少睡眠的我已开始累了,但是我一直告诉自己,我不能倒下,我一定要把握这五个月的用心在台上呈现给大家。上了台表演后我已经不能够记得我到底表现得怎么样了。 非常感谢Wilfred给我这个机会作为他的舞蹈的主角;让我学会了很多抒情嘻哈的感觉,技巧。希望我的表演有到水准。 Yen Ngee的舞蹈让我学到了现代舞蹈的巧妙,精华。她真的是一个非常有水准的舞者,花很多心思在她的编舞上,尤其是情绪。能够表演她的舞蹈,是我的荣欣,让我学会了很多。 Pei Zhou和Ally,我非常尊敬的制作人,把整个舞蹈剧的构造一步一步地联结起来,什么东西都管,他们比我们谁的工作时间还长。 Bertilla,和我一起做舞蹈协调,如果没有她我一定完蛋,哈哈。非常负责任的她也是非常好的舞者。 Jie Lin,我的舞蹈总监,非常温柔体贴的一个人,每次和她做事情都会非常的舒服。没有她我也是可以跳楼了。 我永远不会忘记这一天。 Advertisements

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I’m not living up to my family’s, peers’, professor’s, friends’ and everyone’s expectations..  

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Please don’t give up

It’s only the 2nd day of the week and I only slept 4+ hours, in preparation of a lecture streak from 10am-5pm nonstop. Nice. To add on more ggness to my week 1, Prof Leong from CS3217 has kindly released a Problem Set 13 pages long due on Sunday. I keep telling myself that I […]

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I didn’t sleep for today’s lecture! I was rather attentive actually. Although the stuff thought today were dry and boring but I made sure I caught some details. Heh. This module (GEM2900) turned out to be quite interesting, I must say. Sometimes I feel that the more I do other things, like organization and dance, […]

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AY1011 Semester 2

It’s the start of a new semester. Starting a semester has never been so stressful like this one; for the previous semesters, I went to school with a mindset of starting to learn, getting to know about my modules more, and just enjoying myself. This semester, even before of my first lesson, I couldn’t rest; […]

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My 2010

Here goes. In 2010, I.. *digs Facebook photos* 1. Performed for the YIH opening house as Eusoff A Cappella. 2. Went for a gay date with Luke to repair my spoilt Razer Orochi mouse. 3. Met up with a lot of old friends from my performing troupe during Chinese New Year! 4. Started skipping Multivariable […]

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