Good deal: Nook HD+

Been really busy over the weekend! Lots of dance stuff to settle, and there’s this FYP (final year project) that I’ve been scratching my heads on. Anyway, I didn’t realise till recently, but Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD and HD+ (Android) tablets are currently on sale, and at an extremely cheap price! Seriously, the Nook […]

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Dubai Adventures: Day 5

So I kind of screwed up my OS X installation and had to reinstall it. Waste time 😦 Anyway! For Day 5, it was quite an empty day as we only had Dubai Ski to visit. We wanted to go to the Ferrari World, but one of my friends was sick! So we decided not […]

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Haze, Mac OS X Mavericks

And I should have stayed in Dubai for a few more days. (Obviously I can’t unless I’m willing to incur losses from changing my airline ticket) The haze in Singapore is crazy! With the PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) hitting an all-time record high of 371 in Singapore at 1pm, Singapore is currently indeed a very […]

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Dubai Adventures: Day 4

Aaaand the next few days were not as eventful! We actually cancelled our plans to go to SEGA Republic, a theme park in Dubai Mall, as we thought it was a little small and not as fun when we visited it on our first day. And so.. we ended up nua-ing (slacking) in our cozy little […]

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Dubai Adventures: Day 3

Sorry for the lack of updates – I was always too tired to post whenever I got back from sightseeing in Dubai. But now that I’m back in Singapore homeland, I hope to push out the remaining of my trip in this blog! Anyway, before I start on today’s post, I would just like to […]

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Dubai Adventures: Day 2

Due to the nature of the attraction, my friends and I were unable to take photos most of the time. I’ve sadly resorted to using others’ photos (with proper credits of course!) We decided to sleep in for the first day, as most of us were still recovering from jetlag. It was a well-needed sleep, […]

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