tl;dr: http://about.me/xianyou

I’m Xian You, and I’m studying a Double Degree course in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in the National University of Singapore.

I do programming in web technologies (HTML Javascript CSS PHP), native mobile applications (iOS) and also common languages like C++ and Java.

I love music, and I love singing and dancing. I am currently involved in my residential hall’s a cappella group and dance, singing in NUS Resonance, and dancing under NUS Dance Blast!.

Technology empowers my life – I love new gadgets and I try to keep myself up-to-date with the newest happenings in technology, as well as play around with my gadgets to utilize them to their fullest. 🙂


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, That’s a pity. Do you know of any one (your friends, etc) who might have the soft copy? I greatly appreciate if you could be kind enough to ask around. I heard the notes are really good and easy to understand compared to the reference books. Please…

      1. Yes!! I actually applied for the ddp after completing year 1, and till now I’ve not had a chance to talk to any of the professors, so I have no idea what modules to take 😓 i made a list of all the essential modules required, double counting, etc but I quite confused leh 😭 it would be helpful if I knew for sure what modules I need to take to graduate( since you seem to have graduated alr haha)

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