The Voice: Live Shows

After watching the first live show, I’m, to say the least, extremely disappointed with The Voice. The Voice started promisingly, and really produced a lot of great artists on the show. Selection of artists were through the Blind Auditions – listening alone (the judges couldn’t see the artists performing), and the show delivered realistic selection […]

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Kung Fu Panda 2

Was rather awesome. Jack Black is still as funny as ever, delivering the awesome silly panda experience; the whole voiceover cast return (which is a damn good thing), with newcomers Gary Oldman and Michelle Yeoh. The movie had really good visuals too, DreamWorks worked wonders on the movie; however I thought the 3D effects weren’t […]

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Nokia: From Hero to Zero

Pre: This post is two days late.. >< Nokia. The Finnish brand that used to rule the world; the brand that absolutely gave consumers confidence over the others. I could clearly remember myself using Nokia phones all the way from 2003 till this year. My zeroth phone, or one shared with my brother, was a […]

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HTC Magic ROM: SFM (Salsa ROM)

I started using the HTC Magic about two months ago, and first thing I did was to upgrade its Android version from the old Donut (1.6) to the newest Gingerbread (2.3). The HTC Magic community over at xda-developers¬†are thriving even after two years of release of the phone. My HTC Magic, with dietGingerbread That time, […]

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