I used to be very emotional, being unable to control most of my feelings and just letting them out.

I can’t say that I’m a lot better now, I still tend to get angry and/or ζ„Ÿζƒ…η”¨δΊ‹ sometimes, but I do know that through the one and a half years in Eusoff at least, I realised that I’ve began to become ignorant of certain things.

Like, I would have been really down a few years ago if I failed one of my exams. Now, I just go ‘oh’ and nothing happens. Same goes with a lot of things – like.. maybe realising sometimes that your friends are not what you think they are.

I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing, maybe if I reflect on it it’ll be okay, but I really find that I don’t care about these anymore. It’s.. just easier to ignore. And I guess that’s a form of escapism?

I really need to think, and think.


Another one of the nights with a lot of thinking

Specifications for CS3217 final project has just been released – meaning that I need to start work on my iPad module again – meaning that my life has just turned into no life.

That being said, it was a really good break from programming, since submitting the final Problem Set at the last day of recess week, effectively giving me about 2 days to study for my two midterms on Monday and Tuesday.

That’ll probably be me last last Sunday.

I don’t know whether my iPad assignments are to blame for me epicly failing my Physics midterm (9/20); I guess I didn’t take the initiative to constantly revise Physics whenever I have free time (but then again, who wants to read their notes anytime anywhere?) or listen attentively in lecture. Physics is really a subject that requires lots and lots of practice, and grasping of concepts..

Let’s not talk about sad stuff roar. Last weekend was the first weekend of the semester that I am actually free of assignments (read: iPad) and am in hall. Really enjoyed myself with drinking with my close friends; although it was totally crappy, unproductive and pointless but that’s the point right? (lol pointless being a point) It’s really a good way to destress, I admit.
Long island tea – one that my brother made and I thought was not too bad

And did I mention my computer totally crashed? Had to reinstall the operating system and start everything from scratch again, including installing firefox office adobereader flash chrome messenger itunes and )*(#@$)(*@ that you can think of. Best of all, I need to rerate my 30gb iTunes library. Great..

I’m sorry, I really want to understand what all these are about, but I am totally lazy to find out

There’s a lot of music I’ve been listening to recently, including my rediscovery of how awesomely awesome Jay Chou is, and a variety of YouTube covers. Seriously, YouTube just has so many amazing singers.

Jack Bruene – Firework. Really cool.

And not to mention IT Fair is this week! My X-Mini speaker is spoiled just recently (god’s intention eh?) and thus I guess being the Razer fan I am, I’ll probably get myself a pair of Razer Ferox speakers.


Reviews are not very positive on this one though.

And lastly (wow this is one of the longest I’ve written!), I’m thinking of getting a prosumer camera at the IT Fair. Will update soon!