Powerlogic X-Craft Trek 1000: A Review

Bought a mechanical keyboard recently (god damn. Mech keyboards with Cherry Blue switches are the bomb, but that’s another story), and decided to get a mouse to replace the Microsoft keyboard and mouse combo I’ve been using. (I’m selling the combo cheaply on Carousell.)

As I’m no longer a gamer, I decided to just get a simple, no-frills mouse that looks nice together with the blue lighting of my keyboard. That’s when I stumbled upon this mouse at Challenger. For S$15 (for Challenge members), it’s a steal – and there were 3 designs to choose from.

Source: http://www.dextmall.com/products/powerlogic-x-craft-trek-1000.html
Source: http://www.dextmall.com/products/powerlogic-x-craft-trek-1000.html

Read on for my impressions of the X-Craft Trek 1000. (I believe that this review should apply to the 2000 and 5000 as well apart from the outer design)

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