Movie Reviews

Haven’t been blogging recently, but I’m not that busy; rather, I don’t want to be churning out posts on a regular basis if I know they won’t be of quality. I believe that blogging requires the right ideas at the right time (when I’m not working)… uh, wait, that’s the case for everything people do right? […]

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IT HAS ARRIVED! (Last Friday – sorry I’ve been real busy!) Before anything, I must commend HopShopGo’s express shipping service – I placed the order on Tuesday afternoon and the package arrived on Friday morning right at my doorstep. Are they fast or what! The 5USD for express shipping was definitely worth it. (May vary […]

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Dubai Adventures: Day 6

Okay okay, I have to stop procrastinating and get this post out. And so due to our poor planning, we realised halfway through the trip that.. we would have nothing to do on Day 6. Then we were like omggggggg but we ended up purchasing a one-day visiting package to Abu Dhabi, from Orient Tours. Bad tour service […]

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