Dubai Adventures: Day 6

Okay okay, I have to stop procrastinating and get this post out.

And so due to our poor planning, we realised halfway through the trip that.. we would have nothing to do on Day 6. Then we were like omggggggg but we ended up purchasing a one-day visiting package to Abu Dhabi, from Orient Tours.

Bad tour service (at least towards a teen audience).

Don’t blame me for the bad mouth, blame your lousy destination selection and.. ignorant tour guide.

Anyway! (Please pardon the rather negative tone of the blog post from now on.)

The ride started at around 8.30am, and we were a happy bunch of kids ready to take on the amazing experience of Abu Dhabi! … when the driver, who happens to be the tour guide, proceeded to pick up a Russian who did not speak nor understand English. Oh hello Orient Tours, is that how you cheat money off people? If the lady didn’t speak Russian, she wouldn’t have had the ability to get onto an English tour group. Lousy service on you.

After a looooong two hour ride, our first destination was the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi!


Too bad that it wasn’t open on Mondays, thus we could only explore the exteriors. It’s definitely pretty though!

Ferrari World also houses the world's fastest roller coaster! (Now I regret even more about not visiting it when it's open.)
Ferrari World also houses the world’s fastest roller coaster! (Now I regret even more about not visiting it when it’s open.)

Sightseeing continues..

UAE has the most awesome architectures.
UAE has the most awesome architectures.

Next destination – Sheikh Zayed Mosque!

8th largest mosque in the world!
8th largest mosque in the world!


Trivia – The gold colored things on top of the minaret of the mosque, is made of pure gold. Yeah hell you rich dude Zayed.

The museum is said to be able to house 40,000 prayers, and it also has the world’s largest carpet, which weighs.. 35 tons. For a carpet. Let’s check out the insides!

More gold. Gosh.
More gold. Gosh.
It's really, really pretty.
It’s really, really pretty.

I apologize for the lack of a carpet picture, I think my phone was acting up. 😦

More travelling..

Capital Gate, the world's furthest leaning tower.
Capital Gate, the world’s furthest leaning tower.

Have you noticed how many “world’s tallest/furthest/largest/…” I’ve said through the course of my blog posts on Dubai? Yeah, UAE is that crazy I guess..

A panorama of Zayed Exhibition, a memoir area of Sheikh Zayed.
A panorama of Zayed Exhibition, a memoir area of Sheikh Zayed.

I wasn’t able to capture a proper picture of Emirates Palace, another 7-star hotel in Abu Dhabi.)

And here’s when I stopped taking photos, or when things started to go downhill – we were brought to a small shop exhibiting authentic Islamic decorations, with prices ranging in the hundreds to thousands of Singapore dollars. Typical tour group destination.

Then, we were brought into a restaurant (we didn’t even know where the tour guide was leading us), and we were only informed of the price when we sat down – 75 Dirhams. (~S$27) For some shitty buffet with a random assortment of Western/Chinese/Lebanese food, and very little variety. Good job.


Then.. we were brought back to Dubai. I’m sure leaving Abu Dhabi at 2pm is considered a full day trip. Oh yeah, and the tour guide was flirting with this Mexican girl in the tour group, ignoring us mostly.

Shame on you, Orient Tours.


All in all, Dubai is definitely a fun place to visit, but I reckon Dubai as a stop-by/transit place for a few days, if you’re planning a trip that would involve flying over the UAE or Middle East. 4-5 days maximum would be enough for you to see everything, in my opinion! 🙂


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