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Haven’t been blogging recently, but I’m not that busy; rather, I don’t want to be churning out posts on a regular basis if I know they won’t be of quality. I believe that blogging requires the right ideas at the right time (when I’m not working)… uh, wait, that’s the case for everything people do right?

Anyway, been watching lots of movies, so here you go!


Warning: Minor spoilers ahead!


Frankly, I had high expectations of this film – especially after the first one made me cry at the end, no joke, I thought the development of family bonds between the bad guy and his 3 daughters were really touching. But the producers apparently decided to ride on the success of the cute minions. There were many funny moments that made the whole theatre laugh, I mean, what’s not to like about those cute little yellow (purple) things?

The way they speak is really funny too

But I thought the plot was rather shallow and meaningless as a whole, and to quote my friend Luke, “I felt like I just watched a funny YouTube video.” I have to admit, this must be a curse after watching the movie Memento – I felt so mindfucked that I secretly wished for every other movie to have the same level of mind-twisting games. Okay, I digress. Not that Despicable Me 2 was that bad – I kinda liked the little chemistry between (bad guy) and (girl) – but there was no impact like the first movie left me. Nope, the weak plot about Agnes singing about her mother doesn’t work.

Agnes is still too cute though

Rating: 6.5/10 (For the cute minions.)



I believe that a movie’s impressions lie largely with your expectations on it before watching, and that’s what I thought made the Pacific Rim experience largely impressive for me. I’ve heard my friends raving about how awesome it is, but also people telling me it’s just like another draggy Transformers 3. Turns out I wasn’t disappointed – the giant robots are so ooohhhh extremely cool! (Ladies don’t be skeptics – the reviewer is a man)

Crimson Typhoon – the 3 arms Jaeger.

The animation definitely didn’t disappoint, they were definitely at least on par with what Transformers offered, if not better. And the monsters brought me back to old times when I watched Ultraman or the Power Rangers‘ robots fighting against the giant monsters. Other than the one-guy-saves-the-day-and-survives-Iron-Man-style thing, the movie’s story flowed pretty well; I especially liked the fact that there wasn’t any lovey dovey relationships in the show (it was probably implied, but I see the chemistry between the main character and his female counterpart more like a partnership). The close bond between Mako and Pentecost was also well developed.

“You cannot pilot the Jaeger!”

I only wished that there was a prequel to this show – yes, you’re immediately brought into action at the start.

Rating: 8/10



Jay Chou’s 2nd directorial work! I would say, however, that there’s no reason to catch this in the theatres unless you’re a fan of Jay Chou like myself. The movie’s kind of like about Jay Chou acting cool and having his random jokes that may or may not make you laugh, with the occasional gimmicks that Jay Chou decided to put in, seemingly for the sake of ‘I-can-do-this-too’. I loved the music in the show though – you gotta hand it to Jay for composing the awesome tracks, and they consist of a variety of styles from the more musical-ish high energy tracks to the cutesy little acoustics.

Broadway style dance!

I was in love with the female lead through the movie! She has a kind of cute-ish beauty, although her voice was a bit too teh (slag for act-cute, I guess?) for my taste.


Plot-wise, you have your slightly cliche guy-falls-in-love-with-impossible-girl, albeit with a few twists and of course Jay’s cool attitude mixed in. Overall, not a bad movie, but probably something you’ll wanna watch only if you have a few hours to spare in town and the movie’s just right showing at the same time.

Rating: 6/10


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