MA2108: Mathematical Analysis I

It’s 2.30am, and I am ranting here about how I CAN’T do tutorial questions of MA2108.

Maybe I should have listened to lectures more;
Maybe I should have done my tutorial diligently before that;
Maybe I should have read the textbook;
Maybe I should have attempted to study in advance;

But it really seems like the module’s difficulty has exceeded what I can take.


It sucks when you suspect/know that you have hurt someone, especially if that someone is your good friend. Sometimes it might be just a suspicion, but the fact that you might have done it just makes you feel bad.

It sucks when you have no idea whether the things that you are currently doing is right. You don’t know whether you should put in more or less effort; there is no guide to this thing that you are doing.

It sucks when you finally understand the truth that you suck in this world.



Tuesday: CS2102 Database
Wednesday: CS2103 Software Engineering
Thursday: MA2108 Mathematical Analysis I (what, there’s II? WTF)

And I’m here blogging! Not because I’ve finished mugging, but because I have no mood to mug. I haven’t even finished revision 😦

Today was in a bad mood for no reason 😦 So much that I had to act like a child to force the bad mood out hehe but it was fun running around and making retarded faces to my clique people LOL.



Profiling led to the conclusion that I am an introvert. 😀

I agree to a large extent – although I’ve began to change a little, I still keep most things to myself; I’m ‘an introvert trying to be an extrovert’.

When so many things come crashing down on you at once, will you be able to handle it?

I can’t, that’s why I’m really moody today; I’ve done a lot of wrong things today and a lot of things were just plain ‘unluck’. I guess I need to sleep over it.

Sigh, I still can’t handle my emotions well, I need to stop feeling down when something small happens.


Retreat was half a fail.

Let me list down the games we played in the first day, after travelling to Pasir Ris:

1. Velcro legs together and attempt to kick a ball to the goal.
Okay.. not too bad.. Need to devise strategy..

INTERMISSION – Spent 30 minutes trying to find the god damn station, in the rain, around the freaking East Coast Park.

2. Drop toy balls from second storey to catch using small pail at first floor.
Wow, how fun, got strategy sia. Alternated, so play a bit.

3. Yoga. Hold poses for 30 slowwwwwww seconds because the instructor counted very slowly.
It’s fine.. Gives us a chance to relax ourselves and stretch.

4. Skate and build! Skate to the end of the road, take sand, skate back, and build a sand castle!
We skated across the road (instead of skating on the road), because there’s sand that side too. And what a fantastic sand castle we’ve built! For primary kids to enjoy?

5. Create a rap song that we must dance to. Someone be rapper.
Rapping to Eusoff Anthem sure feels fun.

-warning- Best game ever

6. Find toy fruits hidden in the surroundings! Must ride on bicycle when we pick up and must cycle back!
There isn’t even a timing. Basically we just walk around and pick fruits. PRIMARY KIDS WE ARE.

Barbeque was fine. Cards were great because that was the most enjoyable game of the day.

Today’s games were a bit better.

Tired ttm. Sleeping now.


10+ chicken wings (small wing + drumstick) over dinner + supper definitely made me feel fatter.. I think I confirm +1kg in these 5 days omg.

Sometimes you really want to help someone but you don’t know how to
Sometimes you really want to talk to someone but you also don’t know how to
Sometimes you really want to do work but you don’t know how to
Sometimes you really want to do just a thing that you don’t know how to

HELLOOOOO I’m just bored. Half-finished my project and don’t feel like finishing it, reading the retarded Operating Systems textbook.. wait I do enjoy it, just that I’m not exactly in the mood to. But I have nothing else to do if I don’t read the textbook, so I’m forcing myself to study now.

The above post is a collection of garbage thoughts that are not organized properly.


ok I didn’t know so many things are happening around me.

Don’t give up friends, I know its easier said than done but life needs to go on yo. A za a za fighting!

That was just plain lie gosh omg I don’t know how to help ARGH OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG



………………. Fail

Home, sweet home.

Finally back in Malaysia. I guess it’s a break from the hectic life in Eusoff (but coming back’s only because of recess week, and recess week isn’t slack anyway), let me relax a while.. wait.. I was doing my project work anyway.

What is family love?
Your dad ‘n mum coming all the way to Johor Bahru to fetch you, being scared that you will come back home late from the slow bus.
Having delicious dinner at the usual place that we used to eat from Secondary 1 until now. That’s 8 years.
Surfing Facebook together on our big TV screen and watching retarded videos.
Staying late until 2+am and yet not getting any complaints from the family who’s already asleep. (albeit bad for health.. haha)
Not waking up until 11am despite their continued attempts to wake you up. Hehe.
Having nice nice chicken rice complete with 叉烧 and 烧肉.
Complaining about the slow internet connection while your mum hogs internet through streaming China tv shows.
Not getting scolded even though you are stuck in the room doing assignments on the small laptop screen for the whole day.
Sleeping at 4pm and missing the time to go to the Fun Fair at 5pm, and yet getting packed food from my parents.
Drinking all sorts of funny things like ginseng and soya bean from my beloved Auntie.

Ah, you can do so much at home.