at the fact that I have a constant stream of updates once per day. Today was a rather ‘weirdly eventful’ day I would say; Lessons from 9-12, realised that there’s an assignment (with questions I’ve never seen) to be submitted on the same day, chionged it till 1pm, went back hall and slept for half […]

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feel bad because someone talked to me the way I talked to someone else. Like sometimes you try to create topics of discussion with someone, and then someone talk to you that way. Did that make sense? Anyway, zero tutorials done. Which sucks. A Cappella stuff is settling down, only need to clarify stuff with […]

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A fine, busy Saturday

Let’s list out the things I have to do: – Learn Fire for A Cappella – Budget + Workplan for A Cappella – 5 Tutorials – 1 Email assignment – Proposal for CS2103 project (nearly done) That’s the reason I declined to go to the movies tonight lol, seriously too busy. Things are looking well […]

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It’s funny

how one person can affect your mood so much. I feel quite bad for not doing my tutorials, as I felt that I didn’t learn as much as I could’ve learned this morning in the two tutorials; that stupid OO Domain Model is screwing me up. I feel a lot better about a cappella auditions […]

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Singing, Dancing

I had a thought yesterday about going more into dancing, and leaving singing as ‘second priority’. Today, during IS2102 [Business and Technical Communications] tutorial, we played ice breakers to get to know our tutorial mates more. The ice breaker consisted of questions that we have to get our friends to answer, then write down on […]

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likes you!

Shit, I’m getting so used to my contacts. It’s not a good sign – I am not supposed to like contacts! Specs are 1000x better. Heh. Today I just wanna blog about a situation that I’ve been encountering from duno when onwards. It’s about the girls I’ve liked.. So what happens is, you like her. […]

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