at the fact that I have a constant stream of updates once per day.

Today was a rather ‘weirdly eventful’ day I would say;
Lessons from 9-12, realised that there’s an assignment (with questions I’ve never seen) to be submitted on the same day, chionged it till 1pm, went back hall and slept for half an hour.
2-4 maths lecture. Went back, finished installing Crysis Warhead (which took a devastating hour leaving my computer to stand still during the meantime), played ALL THE WAY URGHHHHH

Luckily I managed to stop it now, or else I would be still playing the game – can’t get myself addicted!

Dance Supper.. Got to know my dance juniors, cool bunch of people 🙂 And McDonalds nuggets are just golden.

Merdeka Night a.k.a Tee Hong’s birthday, it was quite fun, we had food cooked by the junior girls, not too bad! But we weren’t full so me and Luke went for supper with good old Sheam. 🙂 Awesome fun with Ivan around.

Life yo. The only bad thing about today, which is really bad, is the fact that I have done NOTHING. Wooh. I need to start working on my Business Meeting on Wednesday morning or I would just lose the 15% out of 100% from the roleplaying session. ><

Tired tired tired tired tired.

That’s today.


There’s really nothing that I thought about from the previous blog post till now (what, 10 hours difference la..) but oh wells.


Bullying my computer’s hard disk

By extracting files and downloading a lot of files at the same time.

It’s yet another rainy day, and I am feeling calm and nice.

I was walking along the walkway from the Science bus stop, to the area outside LT27, up to the Frontier, then to LT26 to my MA2108 lecture. I observed the surroundings; how people are happily talking to each other, whether it’s about school work, personal life, activities, or whatsover. It’s beautiful; seeing people smile and being happy makes my day. 🙂 How wonderful can the concept of friends get?

Still remember 30 minutes ago when I walked out of the LT, I was like, woah, the sky’s so dark. It signals the rain. Maybe the sky got bullied and wants to cry for a while. I’ll lend you my shoulder my dear sky 🙂 Everyone has dark times. We’ll all pull through eventually.

And there we go, a perfect life
We’re on the field watching the skies

Two sentences from one of my compositions which was never published due to lack of quality. Heh. But that was perfectly how I felt just now; calm, soothing, perfect.

I love life this way.


feel bad because someone talked to me the way I talked to someone else. Like sometimes you try to create topics of discussion with someone, and then someone talk to you that way.

Did that make sense?

Anyway, zero tutorials done. Which sucks.

A Cappella stuff is settling down, only need to clarify stuff with Handy, that’s all.

A fine, busy Saturday

Let’s list out the things I have to do:

– Learn Fire for A Cappella
– Budget + Workplan for A Cappella
– 5 Tutorials
– 1 Email assignment
– Proposal for CS2103 project (nearly done)

That’s the reason I declined to go to the movies tonight lol, seriously too busy.

Things are looking well though.

It’s funny

how one person can affect your mood so much.

I feel quite bad for not doing my tutorials, as I felt that I didn’t learn as much as I could’ve learned this morning in the two tutorials; that stupid OO Domain Model is screwing me up.

I feel a lot better about a cappella auditions now.. 🙂 Today’s candidates were a lot better than yesterday’s in terms of average standard. The only problem is, how many people am I going to take in? I had always wanted to keep the group small, so that we can have a closer room for communication and then improve through understanding each other more. However, now I am regretting a little bit about that because there are just so many talented singers around, you really want to give chances to all of them.

And when I say talented, I mean really talented people who have a great voice, and would surely perform well as a solo singer.

I guess that would be the reason for the callbacks – we need to see if the singers are good for a cappella singing, which requires musicality and blending, quoted from my brother. If you have a good solo voice, but are unable to create blending harmonies with the other members of the group, that would not make up a good a cappella member.

Hehe, I sound like I know a lot about a cappella when I do not.

The easiest way to know what makes a good a cappella group would be through The Real Group.

They. are. fantastic.
Listen to their voices; while each of them has a unique voice quality and range, the way they come together through their music just makes you wanna melt and walk down the street with them 😀

Tomorrow’s NUSSU Bash, Project X, and me and my friends will be performing some hot sizzlin’ dance on the dance floor yo. Do come down and support @ MPSH 8pm! 🙂

Singing, Dancing

I had a thought yesterday about going more into dancing, and leaving singing as ‘second priority’.

Today, during IS2102 [Business and Technical Communications] tutorial, we played ice breakers to get to know our tutorial mates more. The ice breaker consisted of questions that we have to get our friends to answer, then write down on a piece of paper. Two of the questions were,

“What do you see yourself as in 10 years?”

“What do you want to be in the future?”

Without hesitation, I said recording artist; it was after the ice breaker that I realized how deeply I’m in love with singing, and bring music to other people. Dance didn’t even appear in my thought when answering those questions (what a pity.. ><).

And I doubt myself tonight, when I came back and held the a cappella auditions; as much as I would love to bring the beauty of song arrangements (which I myself aren’t even sure how to do it) to the a cappella group, I don’t think people are interested.. I think they are not confident of actually doing it, thus the fact that we haven’t tried. Which leads me to another er.. thought, if my plan really fails, what would happen? If we resort to scores again, wouldn’t we be the same as any other a cappella group, and there probably would be nothing to distinguish Eusoff A Cappella from others.

I’m scared. I really am.

I shall listen to The Real Group to get some comfort within my heart. : )

likes you!

Shit, I’m getting so used to my contacts. It’s not a good sign – I am not supposed to like contacts! Specs are 1000x better. Heh.

Today I just wanna blog about a situation that I’ve been encountering from duno when onwards. It’s about the girls I’ve liked.. So what happens is, you like her. Then you began to try to get her response. She responds a little, and sometimes the response isn’t what you expect it to be. Then you began to wonder if she really likes you. You start to take EXTRA care (and I mean really careful) in your actions towards the girl, which leads to 尴尬-ness between you and her, mostly from your side only.

Then, everytime you see her, you worry – how should I respond to her? What do I have to do to catch her attention? What if something slipped my mouth and I let her know something that I didn’t want her to know? You start to tense up, think about a lot of stuff, instead of the supposedly ‘happy’ feeling that you wanted to get – I guess? Troubles come.

To the point where you begin to doubt yourself – do I still like the girl?

I don’t understand why I can’t enjoy the process of chasing a girl. It just feels like a – I hate to say it because it shouldn’t make sense – form of work that I must do. I once, secretly, described it as a chore, but that doesn’t make sense, judging by the number of guys looking for a girlfriend right now.

I guess it’s because I’m inexperienced, haha.

I find that I am always able to communicate better with friends instead of ‘special someones’..