Movie Review – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange left me feeling uncanny at the end of the show. Telling the tale of a successful, arrogant neurosurgeon who lost the use of his hands in a car accident, the movie wasted no time in introducing us to the powers that the sorcerors at Kamar-Taj holds, with a starting action sequence that leaves […]

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Movie Reviews – October 2016

The Girl On The Train I must first praise Emily Blunt for her stunning performance in the show – her stunning depiction of an amnesiac on the verge of breaking down left me breathless as she carried the show through with her impressive range of emotions and demeanour. However, I felt that the incoherent presentation […]

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Apple Watch Series 2 – A Review

The Apple Watch is an expensive productivity play toy. This was a necessary purchase in order for me to experience the complete Apple ecosystem working in unison; or so I thought. After my stellar experiences with the paper-thin Macbook, the iPhone 7 Plus did not match my high expectations; and thus I treated the Apple […]

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Blair Witch

Halfway through the movie, I exclaimed, “The people in this movie have no logical mind!” Somewhat major spoilers follow. Blair Witch tells the story of a young adult whose sister was lost 20 years ago in the Black Forest to the tales of the Blair Witch, a spirit that haunts trespassers of the forest. Together […]

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The SMRT Breakdowns

The Singapore MRT, from an appreciation standpoint, is like what parents are to spoilt, ungrateful kids. The MRT deals with complaints every day from the people it serves, despite the engineers tirelessly working through the nights to make sure things don’t go haywire. Much like parents who strive really hard to make a living for […]

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