Brunch Market @ Gillman Barracks

This post is meant for residents in Singapore.

Part of the reason for South East Asian cities’ appeal as a tourist destination, at least for me, is the variety of food and shopping markets available – cheap deals, affordable quality clothing, what more can you ask for? I’ve been to the Chatuchak and Siam Market in Bangkok for my spending indulgences, as well as the Legazpi Sunday Market in Manila for my food fix (it’s probably the best food fair I’ve been to so far!).

Thus the Facebook event suggestions recently brought me to my attention – there are pop-up markets in Singapore too? Unable to hold my curiosity in I decided to drop by last Sunday to Red Baron for a quick look.

P_20160717_103509_PS (1)

Reason #1 against outdoor markets in Singapore – hot and humid!! The weather was a scorching 30+ degrees and I was drenched even before I reached the market. But no matter.


As I only had time for a quick stopover, I quickly chose my brunch – the Avocado Chicken Taco.


Man, was it delicious! The avocado serving was very generous, and it did not contain the gelat (Malay for weariness and irritation after a few mouths) taste that I often experience with less fresh avocados. The greens and the chicken came together to form a rich but light taste, and in no time the food was down my stomach. Oops!


There were other stalls selling fresh oysters and farm produces too, but sadly I didn’t have time (and effort, under the blazing sun) to cover them.

Before I left, I got myself a Ginger Beer from Red Baron for $6. Tasty! (But the Legazpi Market’s $3 ginger beer is really still the best!)

A variety of ciders are available too!

Definitely recommend the visit especially if you’re nearby, for the delectable brunch eats and to support the local market scene. 🙂


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