Lightning Post: Nestia for Singaporean Home Living

This post is intended for readers residing in Singapore.


Was looking for a good bus timing app when I came across Nestia.



Nestia claims to be the go-to app for home living in Singapore, and it lives up to its name by providing a variety of services from within the app, such as public transport timings, movie showtimes, and more.

Why this?


Previously, I used three apps for bus arrival times:

  1. SG Buses: Didn’t really like it’s slightly cluttered and non-modern design.
  2. bus@sg: This app is good, but doesn’t provide an arrival alarm (notification when the bus is arriving at your stop).
  3. SG BusLeh: Intrusive with pop-ups and rating prompts in its UX.

Nesta’s bus arrival feature works well for me, albeit it can be a bit slow at times with the latest design update. I like it though!


The one thing that Nestia really helped me with, though, is its movie showtimes & booking feature. I would even go as far to say it’s probably the best in this section. Movies are sorted in a clean list with information on synopsis, actors, as well as consolidated showtimes from all cinemas in Singapore. It just works.

Cool! Anything else I should know?

That’s only two of many features that Nestia has to offer – there’s also home rental and leasing, home services, amenities finder, and the recently introduced F&B finder. Best of all, there’s no advertisements. That alone won me over.

P/S: Nestia offers leasing and rental listings for property owners and agents! – App StoreGoogle Play


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