The Different Interpretations of Pop Music

I’ve grown to dislike listening to Adele’s songs; the distaste cultivated from the overly aggressive marketing conducted by her record company – one would certainly get tired of listening to “Hello, it’s me” over and over again wherever he or she goes. Now I do think Adele is a good singer and her songs definitely carry themselves well; it’s probably just due to what I mentioned above and probably my musical taste.

What intrigued me this morning, though, was the quaint discussion my friends and I had this morning, about her song Someone Like You.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Upon heading the song play on my workplace’s pantry, one of my friends J expressed his thoughts on how Someone Like You had a spiteful atmosphere to it, which was a stark contrast to the other friend S’s interpretation of it as an emotionally charged and sorrowful piece. As I recalled the lyrics of the track, my own opinions were that while the lyrics were generally regretful, the melody carried a snide feel to it – I interpreted Adele’s powerful vocals as a means to express her resentment towards her ex-other half.

Image credit: quotesgram

A more detailed analysis led us to a common understanding on a few pointers:

  1. The chorus of the song begin with the lyrics “Never mind I’ll find someone like you”. The phrase never mind is explained as “forget it; it doesn’t matter” in some contexts, which can be interpreted as a sign of frustration.
  2. From my female friend S’s perspective, listening to Someone Like You is akin to hearing Adele sing out her sorrows; J (male) however took it negatively as described in (1). Gender and perspective definitely plays a part in the divided understanding of the piece.
  3. As mentioned previously, the tune of Someone Like You coupled with Adele’s striking vocals led me to understand her emotions differently – the melody and lyrics of a song may come into conflict sometimes.

Ultimately, the beauty of music is its many different forms, both created by people and interpreted by people. So thanks Adele for creating a piece worthy of discussion (and one that’s beautiful in its own right!) šŸ™‚

Featured image credit: jadeseba


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