Apple Watch Series 2 – A Review

The Apple Watch is an expensive productivity play toy. This was a necessary purchase in order for me to experience the complete Apple ecosystem working in unison; or so I thought. After my stellar experiences with the paper-thin Macbook, the iPhone 7 Plus did not match my high expectations; and thus I treated the Apple […]

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The SMRT Breakdowns

The Singapore MRT, from an appreciation standpoint, is like what parents are to spoilt, ungrateful kids. The MRT deals with complaints every day from the people it serves, despite the engineers tirelessly working through the nights to make sure things don’t go haywire. Much like parents who strive really hard to make a living for […]

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Natural Eczema Remedies

I started battling eczema since 2014, and it’s been a constant tug of war with the irritating condition ever since. Eczema may be considered one of the most unfortunate skin issues to be afflicted with, simply because there is no cure – the condition can only be dealt with and managed for life. While the […]

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Gratitude Part 2

I am grateful to have loving parents (and an aunt) who have accompanied me all my life. My parents are my twin pillars of support, guiding me through life since I was born. My benefactors for life who love me unconditionally, and held me up when I floundered in secondary school. The reason for my existence. My aunt […]

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