I Miss Android

I miss being able to adjust the speed of the phone’s animations. The iPhone might present its interface in a fancy, elegant way, but after a week or so they often felt like intentional delays to hide the phone’s inability to keep up with my mind. I would like Android’s ability to adjust the animation […]

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Apple Watch Series 2 – A Review

The Apple Watch is an expensive productivity play toy. This was a necessary purchase in order for me to experience the complete Apple ecosystem working in unison; or so I thought. After my stellar experiences with the paper-thin Macbook, the iPhone 7 Plus did not match my high expectations; and thus I treated the Apple […]

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Mobius Final Fantasy

While everyone is enjoying the mobile craze that is Pokémon GO, I’m one of the few that remains uninterested at the game – primarily because the game felt more like a tech demo without any cognitive benefits to playing it. That’s for another blog post though! For now, I’ve been engrossed in the mobile game Square […]

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iOS 7

Yesterday night was an incredible exciting time – at about 1AM in my time zone, the opening keynote for both WWDC ’13 and E3 was going on at the same time! Can you imagine my heart bursting and waiting for the announcements? I have to admit, though, that the Xbox keynote doesn’t really apply to […]

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Mobile Weblog with the iPhone 4S

Friends who know me will know that I’m an Android geek. That doesn’t mean that I hate the iPhone though – I acknowledge its multimedia capabilities, just that I always have the idea that Android is better at being a ‘smartphone’ because of its more customizable interface. Well, now that I finally got a chance […]

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