I Miss Android

I miss being able to adjust the speed of the phone’s animations. The iPhone might present its interface in a fancy, elegant way, but after a week or so they often felt like intentional delays to hide the phone’s inability to keep up with my mind. I would like Android’s ability to adjust the animation […]

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Mobius Final Fantasy

While everyone is enjoying the mobile craze that is Pokémon GO, I’m one of the few that remains uninterested at the game – primarily because the game felt more like a tech demo without any cognitive benefits to playing it. That’s for another blog post though! For now, I’ve been engrossed in the mobile game Square […]

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Sky Force 2014

Does anyone remember playing Sky Force on their old Symbian phones, when Nokia was the smartphone brand? It was really fun while it lasted – Sky Force was one of the more polished games in the Symbian S60V2 generation of smartphones, among others. Photo credit: allaboutsymbian.com, androidforums.com Thus it was a pleasant surprise when I discovered Sky […]

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Zopo C2 Ultimate

Finally a new phone! I took a risk and opted for a China-branded phone. But do not simply brush off this phone as another one of the China phone replicas – for the Zopo C2 Ultimate has specifications that rivals the best of the handsets today. I purchased it for RM1099 – that’s about S$400+, […]

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