The Last.

And it’s over. Mixed feelings, I would say – it’s not that I didn’t want the module to end (heck, we’ve been kind of suffering all the way, albeit for good reasons), but maybe because.. I don’t know. There are things that doesn’t seem right, things that I hope I’ve done better. I realised, through […]

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Final Project Presentation

I was pleasantly surprised by the final project presentations. To be honest, the people whom I expect will do an astonishing job didn’t do quite as much as I expected, and the people who I didn’t know came out with crazy cool ideas. The concept is definitely not new; and as I’m not a frequent […]

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Awesome game. Nah, I’m not referring to that game, this is really the second burnout I’ve experienced since Assignment 1. And this time it’s not because of Assignment 2 (we’re way past that period yo!), but because of the NUS Dance Blast! concert that I participated in. I’m proud to say it was a successful […]

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My ‘Recess’ Week

It’s hard to believe that recess week is already over, and my last blog post was just as recess week started. Well, thanks to NUS’ brilliant idea of starting Week 1 late on Thursday, all my lecturers happily shifted all their lectures to the Monday-Wednesday of recess week to make up for their lost lectures. […]

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Case Study 1: GetHelp!

It’s really interesting to take a look at a senior project and do a friendly critique on it. 🙂 GetHelp is certainly quite a cool app – when I first read the case study PDF I thought that it is something that I would want to use. They sort of capture the need of a […]

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Pitching and human nature.

And so last Monday we had a lot of external parties who came to pitch their project ideas to us. I read about Prof Ben’s comment on Joey’s blog that the pitches are actually more about the problems out there that people are trying to solve. In fact, most of Joey’s comments on the startups […]

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