Coco (2017) Review

I had to write a review of this movie in the hopes of getting more people to watch it. Coco is a fantastic movie that combines the elements of fantasy, music and family values to bring the audience on a breathtaking journey through a positive framing into the land of the dead, and imparts the […]

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Movie Review – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange left me feeling uncanny at the end of the show. Telling the tale of a successful, arrogant neurosurgeon who lost the use of his hands in a car accident, the movie wasted no time in introducing us to the powers that the sorcerors at Kamar-Taj holds, with a starting action sequence that leaves […]

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Movie Reviews – October 2016

The Girl On The Train I must first praise Emily Blunt for her stunning performance in the show – her stunning depiction of an amnesiac on the verge of breaking down left me breathless as she carried the show through with her impressive range of emotions and demeanour. However, I felt that the incoherent presentation […]

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Blair Witch

Halfway through the movie, I exclaimed, “The people in this movie have no logical mind!” Somewhat major spoilers follow. Blair Witch tells the story of a young adult whose sister was lost 20 years ago in the Black Forest to the tales of the Blair Witch, a spirit that haunts trespassers of the forest. Together […]

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Mechanic: Resurrection

Author’s note: I did not watch the trailer nor the previous instalment in the series before giving the movie a shot. Also, minor spoilers, of course! Mechanic: Resurrection brings the best out of Jason Statham. His ruthlessness in taking down people and completing his job is a delight to be experienced on screen, but the lackluster, […]

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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Featured image credit: If you liked Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, you’ll like Kingsglaive. Kingsglaive introduced me to the breathtaking world of Eos – a place paralleling our mother Earth, but with the inclusion of magic and Final Fantasy-style mechana. Captivating the audience with its realistic depiction of magic-infused battles, Kingsglaive did not disappoint in its […]

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Suicide Squad

So.. did Suicide Squad save the DC film universe? Warning: Mild spoilers ahead! Let’s first talk about the good stuff – Harley Quinn The character Harley Quinn singlehandedly brought that light-hearted and silly humour that the show very much needed, much thanks to Margot Robbie’s goofy portrayal of the Queen of Gotham. She cracks the silliest jokes like […]

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