RIP Christina Grimmie

I’m not a big fan of Christina Grimmie, but her death saddened me quite a bit, as her music did have an impact on my university life in the past half a decade. I need not mention her amazing cover of Nelly’s Just A Dream with Sam Tsui – this is probably the song that […]

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Inner Peace

What was supposed to be an uneventful weekend turned out to be really enriching for me. Saturday — I had to go back to the office to settle some work things, damn work shit. But getting some work done in the weekend earns you some sense of achievement, I guess? What I know is that […]

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Did the video recording for Wilfred’s latch choreography today (for his participation in the Battle of the Choreographers), and I come back with mixed feelings. Not that I’m not happy, just that I’m not completely satisfied with the way I look at dance at the moment. I thank Wilfred for bringing us together, and showing […]

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My 2013

This year was, in one word, amazing. I didn’t have much time to blog this year because I was just doing too many things I guess, but it was, wow, a crazy 21st year for me. (Interestingly, I actually blogged about most events this year at different time frames, so I’m just gonna link you […]

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In the past 6 weeks..

I performed in Dancetitude 2013. It’s been one hell of a ride dancing with NUS Dance Blast! as the guest item in NTU’s biannual dance concert, due to many issues with the structure and morale of the group through the few months of dance practices. However, I definitely didn’t regret performing this time, as we […]

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I’m Busy

Actually, I guess I’m not, or else I wouldn’t be blogging here. Checklist, to be completed in the following week: Practice every night for the upcoming Dancetitude 2013 dance concert, on Friday and Saturday (catch the show HERE, it’s a really good concert that you won’t want to miss!) Catch up on my contract work, […]

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Random Updates

Okay, I just can’t seem to type the first sentence of this post coherently, haha, but the past week has been a mix of random events, such as.. Diablo III I know I’m really slow, the game’s been out for a year! But as I didn’t want to buy the game (it’s a little expensive […]

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