Brunch Market @ Gillman Barracks

This post is meant for residents in Singapore. Part of the reason for South East Asian cities’ appeal as a tourist destination, at least for me, is the variety of food and shopping markets available – cheap deals, affordable quality clothing, what more can you ask for? I’ve been to the Chatuchak and Siam Market […]

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Supply & Demand @ orchardgateway

It’s nomnomnom time! Was looking for some good food after a tiring weekend of cover recording (look out for it!) and we settled on a pretty nicey place as per @racheww’s suggestion ^^ I love the decor of the place! Small cozy wooden tables, emphasis on a touch of green, and basically just screams I’m […]

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The Tastemaker

Author’s note: I need to take better pictures. Located slightly away from the buzzing city and busy roads, The Tastemaker is a quaint small place that’s sure to put your mind at ease through your meal time. 🙂 Food selection, sadly, was somewhat limited – waffles, sandwiches, that’s all I remember. But they do taste […]

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Brunch @ Nassim Hill

I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking 😁 The Eggs Benedict were delicious and the chili padis really added a fresh dimension to the taste 🙂 Jason and I both loved the salad dressing as well! Damage: $42.80 / 2 = $21.40 (No service charge!) (Thanks to my best friend Luke who managed […]

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