Cha Tra Mue Soft Serve @ Don Mueang Airport

The craze over the Thai Milk Tea ice cream produced by the famous local brand Cha Tra Mue is real – to the point where it broke the ice cream machine at the Terminal 21 outlet. But does it live up to the hype? I had the opportunity to find out on Friday.


The Cha Tra Mue outlet in Don Mueang Airport is located at the waiting area sandwiched between the international departures section and domestic departures section, at Level 3. (It’s not together with the food and beverages section at Level 4!) Took me a while to find the shop, so if you’re there, do look for the blue seats and white tiles as seen from the picture above.


Being a fan of their Thai green milk tea, I opted for the mixed flavor. I loved how the soft serve retains the strong flavor of the tea leaves and the shiokness normally experienced when drinking the original tea. Furthermore, the ice cream itself isn’t overly sweet – so I guess there’s less calories! (I hope.)

However, I do recommend getting the individual flavor instead of the mixed version, as I couldn’t distinguish between the two flavors through the later part of the ice cream experience when they are mashed together – which was a letdown.

If you’re arriving at or departing from Don Mueang Airport, at 45 baht and without the nasty queue at Terminal 21 there’s no reason to try the Cha Tra Mue soft serve and pamper yourself a little. And a little tip – flag down a taxi at the departure dropoff instead of the normal arrival taxi waiting area for a much shorter queue!


Brunch Market @ Gillman Barracks

This post is meant for residents in Singapore.

Part of the reason for South East Asian cities’ appeal as a tourist destination, at least for me, is the variety of food and shopping markets available – cheap deals, affordable quality clothing, what more can you ask for? I’ve been to the Chatuchak and Siam Market in Bangkok for my spending indulgences, as well as the Legazpi Sunday Market in Manila for my food fix (it’s probably the best food fair I’ve been to so far!).

Thus the Facebook event suggestions recently brought me to my attention – there are pop-up markets in Singapore too? Unable to hold my curiosity in I decided to drop by last Sunday to Red Baron for a quick look.

P_20160717_103509_PS (1)

Reason #1 against outdoor markets in Singapore – hot and humid!! The weather was a scorching 30+ degrees and I was drenched even before I reached the market. But no matter.


As I only had time for a quick stopover, I quickly chose my brunch – the Avocado Chicken Taco.


Man, was it delicious! The avocado serving was very generous, and it did not contain the gelat (Malay for weariness and irritation after a few mouths) taste that I often experience with less fresh avocados. The greens and the chicken came together to form a rich but light taste, and in no time the food was down my stomach. Oops!


There were other stalls selling fresh oysters and farm produces too, but sadly I didn’t have time (and effort, under the blazing sun) to cover them.

Before I left, I got myself a Ginger Beer from Red Baron for $6. Tasty! (But the Legazpi Market’s $3 ginger beer is really still the best!)

A variety of ciders are available too!

Definitely recommend the visit especially if you’re nearby, for the delectable brunch eats and to support the local market scene. 🙂

Lightning Post: Nestia for Singaporean Home Living

This post is intended for readers residing in Singapore.


Was looking for a good bus timing app when I came across Nestia.



Nestia claims to be the go-to app for home living in Singapore, and it lives up to its name by providing a variety of services from within the app, such as public transport timings, movie showtimes, and more.

Why this?


Previously, I used three apps for bus arrival times:

  1. SG Buses: Didn’t really like it’s slightly cluttered and non-modern design.
  2. bus@sg: This app is good, but doesn’t provide an arrival alarm (notification when the bus is arriving at your stop).
  3. SG BusLeh: Intrusive with pop-ups and rating prompts in its UX.

Nesta’s bus arrival feature works well for me, albeit it can be a bit slow at times with the latest design update. I like it though!


The one thing that Nestia really helped me with, though, is its movie showtimes & booking feature. I would even go as far to say it’s probably the best in this section. Movies are sorted in a clean list with information on synopsis, actors, as well as consolidated showtimes from all cinemas in Singapore. It just works.

Cool! Anything else I should know?

That’s only two of many features that Nestia has to offer – there’s also home rental and leasing, home services, amenities finder, and the recently introduced F&B finder. Best of all, there’s no advertisements. That alone won me over.

P/S: Nestia offers leasing and rental listings for property owners and agents! – App StoreGoogle Play

Ask For Extra Sauce in Your McDonald’s Salted Egg Yolk Burger

This post is intended for Singaporeans.

The hype is real – Singaporeans are scrambling to McDonald’s outlets to get their first hand at the fast food chain’s take on the local Singaporean flavours. The supposed highlight of the new dishes, the salted egg yolk burger, didn’t fare too well in reviews though, which disappointed me as I was really eager to try it after I saw mothership’s report. (Shame on you, mothership!)

However, tipped by a friend, I decided to abuse McDonald’s Special Order feature – by simply asking for extra salted egg yolk sauce in the burger. (Or I just wanted to try it anyway.)

WTH is $0.20 extra for Coke Zero?

Best of all, there’s no extra charge!

After my first bite of the burger, I understood the public impression of how the salted egg yolk sauce didn’t live up to expectations – it was pretty bland, to be honest, and overshadowed by the chicken patty’s juicy taste (which is not bad). Kinda like a non-spicy McSpicy patty. The extra sauce helped to make the burger less mediocre, though.

Extra sauce for the win!

The Salt & Pepper Crab flavoured twister fries, surprisingly, was the black horse in the team – the different flavours combined to give a bazinga-complex taste that I appreciated. The fries serving was quite small relative to the seasoning, making it rather unhealthy.

The highlight!

Give the extra sauce method a try, and let me know whether it improves the taste. 😁

Supply & Demand @ orchardgateway

It’s nomnomnom time! Was looking for some good food after a tiring weekend of cover recording (look out for it!) and we settled on a pretty nicey place as per @racheww’s suggestion ^^

Mmm Italian food! But more like "capalang". (A bit of everywhere)

I love the decor of the place! Small cozy wooden tables, emphasis on a touch of green, and basically just screams I’m a cafe! Too bad it was really crowded tho. 😦


Sorry, the Redmi Note really doesn't do the place justice. This is my attempt at a HDR shot..
And @evonlotion cringes at how @oldboyalex and @racheww are arguing about how to take a nice Instagram photo with the green item.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


(Ok, damn, I need to start noting down the name of the dishes.) Probably the best plate we had. I know the name of the dish ends with A Funghi. Haha! Awesomely creamy pasta with mushrooms, the flavouring in the sauce had a really special taste to it that just makes you go wooohah!


Truffle fries! More like, truffle wedges? Haha! I thought the typical truffle oil taste was a little lacking compared to similar offerings (Timber’s… Ooh) but it was still pretty good nonetheless. Special mention goes to the half garlic slapped on top (that little round thing in the picture), it actually made the non-garlic-eating me consume it.


And this was uhhhhh. Some ham thing! It’s in one of the pictures in the menu. Okay, I guess that doesn’t help much.. >.< couldn't resist ordering this upon seeing the arugula (rocket). I was a bit disappointed by the pizza tho – they weren't too generous with the ham slices and I couldn't taste the full pizza taste with every bite. (You know what I’m saying, right? Haha!)


Okay I remember this! Smoked salmon! This was a nicer pizza as the salmon just tastes like ohhh myyy gawwdddd niceeeee. But again, only 8 slices, so you better savour every bite.

Total damage: S$89.45

I would come back again! But maybe for the pastas only, the pizza was a little bit lacking in amount for me. And the menu had lots of nice appetizers that should be given a try. 🙂

The Tastemaker

Author’s note: I need to take better pictures.

Located slightly away from the buzzing city and busy roads, The Tastemaker is a quaint small place that’s sure to put your mind at ease through your meal time. 🙂


Love the clean and simple interior 🙂

Food selection, sadly, was somewhat limited – waffles, sandwiches, that’s all I remember. But they do taste nice.

A hot chocolate to start the day! It wasn't spectacular but it's not bad. $4.5
A hot chocolate to start the day! It wasn’t spectacular but it’s not bad. $4.5
Ham and cheese burger. Tastes simple and good! And comes with uhh, chips? I don't know what they are. >.< $5.8
Ham and cheese burger. Tastes simple and good! And comes with uhh, chips? I don’t know what they are. >.< $5.8

It’s a nice place to hang out once in a while, and I believe it can form part of the cafe hopping chain since it’s close to Sin Lee Foods 🙂

Brunch @ Nassim Hill

I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking 😁


The place is pretty well decorated and feels quaint 🙂
It appears to be a bar as well, with happy hours from 8am (!!) to 8pm.
Jason with his Hearty Scrambled Eggs. $20.
And my Spicy Huevos Benedict (eggs benedict with a touch of spice!). $20

The Eggs Benedict were delicious and the chili padis really added a fresh dimension to the taste 🙂 Jason and I both loved the salad dressing as well!

The Spicy Huevos Benedict also came with a bunch of bread as well, so much that I couldn't finish! Of note is this cinnamon roll in the bread basket that they baked to have a bread-like texture. Mmm.

Damage: $42.80 / 2 = $21.40 (No service charge!)
(Thanks to my best friend Luke who managed to snap me a 50% discount weeee. Check his blog out!)
Quality: Great tasting. (To be expected at this price)
Quantity: Quite a lot for breakfast. You won’t leave hungry.