Cha Tra Mue Soft Serve @ Don Mueang Airport

The craze over the Thai Milk Tea ice cream produced by the famous local brand Cha Tra Mue is real – to the point where it broke the ice cream machine at the Terminal 21 outlet. But does it live up to the hype? I had the opportunity to find out on Friday.


The Cha Tra Mue outlet in Don Mueang Airport is located at the waiting area sandwiched between the international departures section and domestic departures section, at Level 3. (It’s not together with the food and beverages section at Level 4!) Took me a while to find the shop, so if you’re there, do look for the blue seats and white tiles as seen from the picture above.


Being a fan of their Thai green milk tea, I opted for the mixed flavor. I loved how the soft serve retains the strong flavor of the tea leaves and the shiokness normally experienced when drinking the original tea. Furthermore, the ice cream itself isn’t overly sweet – so I guess there’s less calories! (I hope.)

However, I do recommend getting the individual flavor instead of the mixed version, as I couldn’t distinguish between the two flavors through the later part of the ice cream experience when they are mashed together – which was a letdown.

If you’re arriving at or departing from Don Mueang Airport, at 45 baht and without the nasty queue at Terminal 21 there’s no reason to try the Cha Tra Mue soft serve and pamper yourself a little. And a little tip – flag down a taxi at the departure dropoff instead of the normal arrival taxi waiting area for a much shorter queue!


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