She has a bubbly personality. She pocks fun at the little screw-ups I make during our conversations, then giggles away in a manner that drives me to retaliate with a teasing of my own. She’s always eager to talk to me about the latest happenings in her life, as she remembers the captivating minutiae of the events unfolding around her – the jokes made by her friends, a comedy video on YouTube, the other night at a dance class. It’s a constant reminder to myself to be more in touch with daily life, as I’m often busy with my grand theories of self-improvement and working hard. After all, what’s life without the little things?

She is peculiar in a quaint way. For someone who’s always in high spirits, her appreciation of the gentle, aromatic tea reveals her softer, reserved personality; one to stay at home and be comfortable with solitude. The innate content she displays when conversing about Chinese history sheds light into her artistic, history-appreciating side – a multi-disciplinary perspective into her character. Further concocted into the mix is her inquisitiveness; she speaks about the daily knowledge she gained with such passion and curiousity, never dulling our exchanges.

She is not afraid of challenging societal stereotypes and traditions. She questions human behaviour and the motivation behind how people behave whilst attempting to understand them; building up her emotional intelligence in the process as she tries to communicate with people in a tactful way, rendering her pleasant to talk to. Her empathy towards those around her also drives her to delve deep into her own emotions and beliefs, and reflect upon them; through which the most engaging conversations happen as we discuss about friendships, relationships, sexuality and peer communication, and the rationale behind why people belong to a certain inclination in these topics.

She is honest and direct about her feelings. In the sea of humans trying to protect their own emotions for the fear of being judged, she stands out by believing in straightforwardness as a prime value for effective communication. We minimize the guessing games when we talk to each other, and be upfront about not feeling well emotionally to prevent misunderstandings. At the same time, she processes situations logically and stands strong with her point of view on matters, and her ability to reason makes her even more attractive as a conversationalist.

She is more than meets the eye, and one that I will cherish for life.


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