Gratitude Part 2

I am grateful to have loving parents (and an aunt) who have accompanied me all my life.

Chinese New Year, 2015

My parents are my twin pillars of support, guiding me through life since I was born. My benefactors for life who love me unconditionally, and held me up when I floundered in secondary school. The reason for my existence.

My aunt is like a second mother to me – taking care of me and my brother since young. We are blessed beyond words.

I am grateful to have a brother.

I am grateful for my housemates and university friends.

December 2015 – Housemates, close friends.

We stuck together through 4 years of university life, and created a safe, congenial haven I can always rely on. We share many common interests and make time for each other when necessary.

I am grateful for my colleagues at work.

September 2016 – Shopee Day

Work is tough but made easier by fun-loving colleagues that make every day enjoyable. It’s a love-hate relationship; we criticize each other’s work ability but offers advice to make each other more competent at work, while taking into account of each other’s emotional capacity to offer a listening ear when needed.

I am grateful for my friends; every one I’ve met.

People from all walks of life.

Everyone is inspiring in their own unique, creative way. Be on the look out for anything, anything at all, that you can learn from every friend, colleague, acquaintance or stranger; appreciate their individuality, relate and build upon them to create the best of yourself.

I am grateful to be human; a social creature.

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