1. My workplace provided what’s probably the best Monday breakfast they have ever provided – chicken wrap! Full of protein and not too heavy on taste, it was an excellent start to counter the dreaded Monday blues.

  2. My friends tried to prank me by hiding my slippers when I was napping. But I had an extra pair in the office. #whokeepsslippersintheoffice #nolife #prankfail

  3. I decided to eat Fish Soup for a change, from the usual mixed vegetables rice. I found serendipity in the rich flavour of the soup, the sweetness of the fried fish pieces, and the warmth of the dish complementing the cold weather.

  4. I had lunch alone. It gave me time to kickstart the penning of this piece, and prevented me from breaking my streak of consistent blog posts due to heavy commitments in dance recently.

  5. I left the office at 8.15pm, the earliest in a while. What’s not to love about leaving early? 🙂

  6. I helped a blind uncle to flag down the bus he was waiting for. Even though he is physically impaired, the tone of his voice tells me that he is positive about life; he was appreciative of my gestures and was very polite when conversing with the bus driver.

Today can be just another day in life. Or, it can be experienced in its fullest by paying attention to the minutiae of the experience.

This piece was inspired by this post from Boredpanda.


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