Sunday Night

Photo credit: flickr

There’s a quaint feeling about being the only person in the train, on Sunday midnight.

I was leaving for work. “What? Are you mad? Get some rest before Monday!” Tireness sighed. Indeed, after the tiring weekend with three intensive dance practices, I ought to catch some sleep.

“No,” Responsibility was quick to jump into the conversation. “You gotta deliver the feature the company requires by tomorrow morning. It’s no good if you go to work tomorrow with empty hands.”

Self-Defense wasn’t happy. “But it’s also true that you were swamped with additional last-minute features the past week.” The train stopped at Buona Vista station to give Self-Defense enough time to formulate his argument. “Don’t push yourself too hard.”

I looked around. No one entered the train. Guess I was hoping for someone to find comfort in shared suffering.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” A weak voice sounded from the back of my mind. It was Loneliness. “It’s scary”, it added.

I contemplated my progress at the task through the weekend. I thought there was more than enough time for what I had to do – but turns out, there were far too many edge cases that I did not consider.

Motivation stepped in with a decisive look. “You’ll need to finish this sooner or later, so the least you could do right now is to figure out how exactly are you going to approach the problem, so you won’t feel lost.”

“And then catch enough sleep for your brain to function properly through the work day tomorrow,” Logic was quick to point out. I nodded in silent.

“one-north station,” the lady announced through the speakers on the train. “This train terminates at this station.”

“Alright, guys, thanks for your contributions.” I thought. “I really appreciate your concerns, and I know that I should have taken care of this better. I’ll just get it done as soon as I can so all of you can recharge too.” I glanced at Logic, who was dozing off by now.

The doors opened, and a train officer in the red SMRT uniform entered, ready to perform his routine check before sending the train to its well deserved rest. I smiled and nodded at him, and was glad to receive the same in return.

Everyone is fighting their own battles; similar but different.

“Let’s give it one last stretch!”

This post was written on 21st August, 23:55pm.


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