“If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing.”

Featured photo credit: huffingtonpost.com

Yesterday night, I was about to do my pull up routine at the pull up bar below my HDB block – when I noticed a guy sitting at a chair beside the training area.

I left without any attempts.

I justified to myself, you can do it tomorrow. It would be uncomfortable showing your incompetency.

Then I went home, did the routine stuff, and thanks to me convincing myself to read an article before I sleep, I read this.

No more of this bullshit.

I’m stuck in a rut, and I have a plan for pulling myself out of it. Not gonna say what yet, because –

You are rewarded for the work you actually accomplish. Not the promises you make. – Ryan Holiday

I hope this story has encouraged you to stop giving yourself excuses for the goals you want to achieve.

It starts from within. Now.

This post was written on 8/3.


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