I am grateful to be able to see.

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My eyes are my visual tunnels connecting me to the world. I see the hustling leaves on the trees, created by the forces of nature; I see the flapping wings of birds, spreading wide as they soar high on the skies; I see the captivating shapes and sizes of buildings, enabled from urbanization through the centuries.

I am grateful to be able to hear.

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My ears connect me to the auditory channels of the world. They allow me to connect with people through listening to their unique stories; they allow me to appreciate different voices and instruments coming together in the harmonious form known as music; they provide me with an alternative mean to process events through the sound effects they create.

I am grateful to be able to speak.

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My voice is a channel for me to express my thoughts and emotions. Listen to my adventures as a human being. Listen to my auditory interpretation of these experiences from my singing. Listen to my reactions as I listen to your life events – a bidirectional connection, something for us to treasure.

I am grateful to be able to walk.

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My legs empower my ability to utilize the aforementioned channels to their fullest. My legs make me an explorer – travelling to different parts of the city, the country and the world. Through my legs, my eyes, ears and mouth extend their reach to absorb information.

I am grateful to be able to think, evaluate and make choices.

What good will sensing information bring without the ability to digest, process and make sense out of it?

I am grateful to be a healthy human.

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