Ask For Extra Sauce in Your McDonald’s Salted Egg Yolk Burger

This post is intended for Singaporeans.

The hype is real – Singaporeans are scrambling to McDonald’s outlets to get their first hand at the fast food chain’s take on the local Singaporean flavours. The supposed highlight of the new dishes, the salted egg yolk burger, didn’t fare too well in reviews though, which disappointed me as I was really eager to try it after I saw mothership’s report. (Shame on you, mothership!)

However, tipped by a friend, I decided to abuse McDonald’s Special Order feature – by simply asking for extra salted egg yolk sauce in the burger. (Or I just wanted to try it anyway.)

WTH is $0.20 extra for Coke Zero?

Best of all, there’s no extra charge!

After my first bite of the burger, I understood the public impression of how the salted egg yolk sauce didn’t live up to expectations – it was pretty bland, to be honest, and overshadowed by the chicken patty’s juicy taste (which is not bad). Kinda like a non-spicy McSpicy patty. The extra sauce helped to make the burger less mediocre, though.

Extra sauce for the win!

The Salt & Pepper Crab flavoured twister fries, surprisingly, was the black horse in the team – the different flavours combined to give a bazinga-complex taste that I appreciated. The fries serving was quite small relative to the seasoning, making it rather unhealthy.

The highlight!

Give the extra sauce method a try, and let me know whether it improves the taste. 😁


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