Cafe Hopping @ Surry Hills

Sydney is a pretty city with delicious western food and pastries everywhere 🙂 And on a rare morning where my parents decided to rest in our Airbnb apartment, my brother, his girlfriend Eunice and I decided to travel to Surry Hills to check out some of the locally popular cafes there. Special thanks to Le Ting for the cafe suggestions!

As the cafes we wanted to visit were pretty spread out across the Surry Hills area, we took a shuttle bus to the south area and began our foodie journey with..

Bourke Street Bakery

Busy busy!

Famed for its savoury sausage rolls. and we were not disappointed. The beef sausage roll is heavenly – the succulent meat wrapped in the crispy pastry form a delicious combination, and my brother and I devoured the roll in a minute, wishing for more except we had to control ourselves to make room for other food.

Left: Beef sausage roll. Right: Croissant

Eunice ordered an unexpectedly huge croissant that tasted crispy and sweetly buttered. – Map

Four Ate Five

Your usual roadside cafe in Sydney

Loved the name of the cafe – a clever use of the unit number.

Again, I shared The Mexican with my brother. It actually tasted kind of Indian, and reminds me of dahl (link) – the dish was appetizing enough that we almost finished the whole plate, and realized that we actually overate 😅 I was expecting a more Western-tasting plate though.


The sweet-toothed Eunice ordered a Fruit & Nut Scone which was crispy and fruity – “when you bite it, you can feel the juice of the berries, instead of just the flour” as quote from her. Haha!

Fruity scone!

My brother and Eunice also had tea – but I didn’t taste them. Oops. I do remember the Turkish Rose & Apple having a pleasant smell and a special taste, though. 🙂 – Map



It’s a corner lot and at first we were a bit skeptical of the higher pricing. Then we ordered the ricotta hotcakes and WOW that was the best hotcakes we’ve ever tasted in our lives. The dough was crispy yet soft at the same time, providing a unique texture that’s just right – and the ricotta cheese wrapped within the pastry served up the rich and creamy flavour that further blew our minds. Definitely recommended!



Do take note that each order contains three hotcakes, and we felt that it’s best shared instead of consumed alone. – Map

Brooklyn Hide

© Smudge Publishing

By now we were completely stuffed, what lousy cafe hoppers we are (blame the Four Ate Five dish!). I insisted on trying a bagel from here though due to my greediness, hehe. Ordered the “Everything” bagel, which contained a mixture of poppy seeds, sourdough rye, blueberry, cinnamon and raisins, which blended into a rich, complex taste that’s further enhanced by the aromaticity of the freshly baked bagel.

My fatty face with the bagel

We thought that the Apple-Cinnamon cream disrupted the overall package though, and recommend to order just the donut itself (or with other fillings / creams). – Map

Overall, I think the cafe hopping experience was enhanced by the comfortable weather here, at around 17 degrees – you’ll never find that in Singapore! If you have some hours to spare and likes food (who doesn’t?), do consider giving Surry Hills a go. 😄


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