RIP Christina Grimmie


I’m not a big fan of Christina Grimmie, but her death saddened me quite a bit, as her music did have an impact on my university life in the past half a decade.

I need not mention her amazing cover of Nelly’s Just A Dream with Sam Tsui – this is probably the song that you had known her from. Back in the junior years in NUS, my friends and I would hum to her altered tune of the song’s verse, even while knowing how ridiculous we sound 😂I really loved the bridge of the song too, where Christina and Sam harmonized to perfection.

I really enjoyed the acoustic version of Find Me that she sang, in collaboration with two of my favourite dancers, Keone and Mari, for a musical project by DS2DIO. I’ve always thought that the lyrics of the song were meant for a more bare-bones and raw arrangement (but that might be because I heard the acoustic version first, haha), in contrast to the electronic feel of the version in the album. Do check the video out above.

It was also during a more emotionally challenging year that I got to dance together with my friends on the song, choreographed by two of my good friends, Wilfred and Felicia. Good times, huh.

When I still did contemporary. Credits: Ong Jian Liang

May you continue your musical journey in the afterlife, Christina, and thank you for inspiring me and my friends.


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